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Doja Cat responds to Christians who were furious with her ‘demonic’ new tattoo

Charisa Bossinakis

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Doja Cat responds to Christians who were furious with her ‘demonic’ new tattoo

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ Tammie Arroyo/ Credit: AFF/Alamy Live News

Doja Cat has clapped back at trolls labeling her new tattoo ‘demonic’.

Over the weekend, the ‘Say So’ singer debuted her fresh ink which she claims represents imperfection.



However, many claimed the tattoo resembled a demonic figure and threatened to boycott the singer.

One person wrote: "No fan anymore."

Another said: "You know you can always find Jesus. It’s never too late."


While a third commented: "What's wrong with this woman."

Another fan said: "Not a fan anymore. I used to love you, but clearly you’ve sold your soul to the devil."

They then added: "Unfollow."

But Doja Cat was having none of it, replying to her now-former fan: "Whatever [helps] you sleep at night."


So clearly, she’s unbothered.

Aside from many religious folk taking issue with her new body art, many fans rushed to her defense.

One fan wrote: "I love how y'all are all ‘we want the old Doja, we want the REAL Doja’. This IS the real Doja. Y'all praise women for being what they want and doing what they want, but as soon as someone you look up to does just that, you freak [the f**k] out? LET HER LIVE HER LIFE.”

Another said: "Why are there so many crazy people in these comments? The devil is not real. She did not ‘sell her soul’, you weirdos. The Illuminati isn't a thing."


The singer took to Twitter to address those lashing out at her.

"If ur calling me demonic honestly werk cuz like I love that u ate fr," she wrote.

The 27-year-old shared a follow-up post explaining the significance behind the tattoo.


She shared images from the 1665 edition of Italian physician and philosopher Fortunio Liceti’s De Monstris, alongside the caption: "Your fear is not my problem."

The second image in the Instagram carousel provided an in-depth explanation into the piece.

"Originally published, without the illustrations, in 1616," the image reads.

"Liceti’s work, although not the first on the topic of deformities in nature, was perhaps the most influential of the period.

"In the wake of the book, there was a huge rise in interest throughout Europe in ‘monstrosities’: pygmies, supposed mermaids, deformed fetuses, and other natural marvels were put on display and widely discussed, becoming the circus freak-shows of their time."

The post added that unlike many of his contemporaries, Liceti didn’t see these deformities as ‘negative’.

Instead, he hailed them to be more 'admirable'.

Siri, please play: 'You’re Beautiful’ by James Blunt.

The post continued, quoting Liceti. "'It is said that I see the convergence of both nature and art. Because one or the other not being able to make what they want, they can at least make what they can.'"

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Charisa Bossinakis
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