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Mystery of lost 80s hit that no one can remember song name or artist for despite everyone recognizing tune
Featured Image Credit: YouTube/DrPixel

Mystery of lost 80s hit that no one can remember song name or artist for despite everyone recognizing tune

Can you remember where this song has come from?

One of the most frustrating things in life is knowing you recognize something, but being unable to place it.

Most of the time, Google, IMDb or YouTube are around to help. But there's one mystery that's caught the attention of millions of people, and it's yet to be solved.

The mystery comes in the form of a 17-second clip which features a muffled tune, as if it's being played on a radio that hasn't quite been tuned properly (I know, I'm ancient).

The lyrics appear to be sung by a man or a group of men, and you can almost picture the brightly-colored, cheesy video that would have accompanied it.

You might even recognize the tune - but the thing is, no one actually seems to know what it is.

Questions about the song began in 2021, when an internet user called Carl92 uploaded it to a site called WatZatSong and said he'd found it 'between a bunch of very old files in a DVD backup'.

"It sounds somewhat familiar to me," Carl92 wrote, though he said he didn't remember its 'origin'.

Music fans are desperate to find the song.

Carl92 was presumably hoping that sharing the song on the site would get him some answers, but three years later people are still trying to figure it out.

As more and more people became invested in trying to determine what song this is, it actually earned its own Reddit page.

The mystery song has been given the unofficial names 'Everyone knows that' or 'Ulterior Motives', with the Reddit page explaining: "[Carl92] made some vague statements about the snippet he uploaded, but nothing that could lead to actually find that song. Since then, we're eagerly searching for it."

Dozens of Reddit users have shared theories about the song.

Reddit users have shared theories and updates on their search for the song, with one theory reading: "Hey guys I’m very new to the search but after asking a few family members if they have ever heard this song, my sister reached back and said she instantly thought of a kind of unknown Canadian artist “Gowan” and after listening to his music I can definitely see where she’s coming from, the similarities are pretty damn close in my opinion but I could be wrong."

That's just one of dozens of posts on the page, but those involved in the search do appear to have made progress.

Some determined music fans believe they have identified the drum machine and synth used for the song, which allowed them to narrow down its release date to sometime after 1983. It's a good start, but that still gives us almost 40 years to work with.

Carl92 admitted he'd 'lost interest' in the song a few months after his first post, but everyone else on the internet seems to be just getting started.

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