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Lana Del Rey escorted by security after Glastonbury organisers cut off performance

Lana Del Rey escorted by security after Glastonbury organisers cut off performance

The singer was cut off before she could finish her performance

Fans of Lana Del Rey who showed up to see her at Glastonbury were dismayed to see the singer escorted off by security after power was cut to her stage.

There's been plenty of drama at this year's Glastonbury festival what with Rina Sawayama calling out Matty Healy, Cate Blanchett putting in a surprise appearance, 'The Churnups' actually being a ruse to conceal The Foo Fighters and Lewis Capaldi's audience helping him through his set.

However, Lana Del Rey might have managed to top them all in terms of the drama served up after she was escorted away by security without managing to make it to the end of her set.

She was headlining Glastonbury's Other Stage last night (24 June) with thousands of fans turning up to see her perform but there were a few spanners thrown into the works, which rather interfered with her performance.

First off the singer was about half an hour late onto the stage, apologising to the crowd and telling them 'my hair takes so long to do'.

With her microphone cut off Lana Del Rey got closer to her fans to sing with them.

This meant she was having to rush through the rest of her performance, at one point even telling her fans she was 'about to rush this set to death'.

Del Rey had to drop a number of songs and then things got even more difficult as power was abruptly cut from her stage, leaving her without a microphone and still with six songs left to go, including the likes of 'Summertime Sadness' and 'Video Games'.

She told the crowd of thousands she was 'super f**king sorry' for all of the difficulties and stepped off the stage to get closer to the fans.

The singer then started an A Capella performance to try and get through some of her most iconic songs and the crowd sang along with her as she walked right up to them.

However, security at Glastonbury came to escort her away, much to the dismay of her fans who called out to her.

The biggest names at Glastonbury can't stay on too late and security had to escort her away.

Del Rey was able to take a moment to wave back to them as security ushered her away and called an end to her set.

This isn't just security trying to call time on everything because they're fastidious clock-watchers, the bigger acts at Glastonbury had a curfew and need to be finished by a certain time of night otherwise it can land the festival organisers in trouble.

While some of the smaller acts can keep going a little longer than advertised if they and the crowd are feeling it, the bigger names are on a stricter timetable.

Overrunning can get Glastonbury into trouble with the local council who gives the event a license to put on the festival each year.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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