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People are calling 90s classic dance tune 'superior version' after David Guetta got to number one in the charts

People are calling 90s classic dance tune 'superior version' after David Guetta got to number one in the charts

People are coming back to this 90s classic.

Last month, David Guetta and Bebe Rexha shot to the top of the official charts with their new single 'I'm Good (Blue)', but people still think that the original song it's based on is the 'superior version.'

If, at any point in the past few weeks, you've heard this song on the radio, on TikTok, or on Spotify, you probably know that this song samples one of the greatest dance classics of the 1990s.

After all, it's got one of the most recognisable keyboard melodies of all time.

Although Bebe and David's new version of the song is obviously doing well, having claimed a top ten spot in the charts for the last seven weeks, there really is nothing like the original.

I'm Good (Blue), of course, samples the Eiffel 65 tune 'Blue (Da Ba Dee)', which 90s kids will remember as the song that had some pretty freaky-looking blue aliens in the music video.

When people heard the new David Guetta remix they rushed to YouTube to remind themselves of the original, and it wasn't long before the video was flooded with comments about which one was the 'superior version.'

"The original will always be better," one viewer wrote.

"The original and best. Sorry Guetta. Sorry Bebe," commented a second.

A third penned: "Bebe & David did it justice but the original cannot be topped."

And a fourth wrote: "Here after that cover 'I'm Good' honestly nothing beats the original. It's easy to just pick such an iconic song and change the words and pretend like you wrote it. This song is just surely in top 5 songs of all time."

That's some high praise for the Eiffel 65 guys, who achieved international success with the hit when they first released it back in 1999.

When it dropped, the song went to number one in across Australia, New Zealand Canada, the UK, and most of Europe.

The Italian Europop group won a number of awards for the single, and were even nominated for a Grammy for Best Dance Recording.

So let's see David Guetta and Bebe Rexha do that.

The funny thing is, Bebe and David weren't originally planning to release their remix of the song.

It was played once during David Guetta's set at Ultra Music Festival back in 2017, but the DJ never released it.

It was only this year, when the track went viral on TikTok, that David and Bebe decided to finish the song and officially release it.

The power of the internet, eh?

This isn't the first time that someone has sampled the iconic dance hit, though.

Back in 2009, Flo Rida used the addictive melody in his single 'Sugar', and ten years later, Swedish singer Nea used it in her song 'Some Say'.

But there's just nothing like the OG.

Featured Image Credit: Bliss Corporation/David Guetta/YouTube

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