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Calvin Harris praised for breaking golden Coachella rule which will reportedly cost them a fortune
Featured Image Credit: David Fisher/Shutterstock/calvinharris/Instagram

Calvin Harris praised for breaking golden Coachella rule which will reportedly cost them a fortune

The festival reportedly gets charged a bomb for breaking curfew.

We're officially smack bang in the middle of Coachella season, and people are still raving about last weekend's performances.

One of the main events in the desert this year was Calvin Harris' closing set on Sunday night which, according to festival-goers, broke curfew.

The DJ and music producer put on an incredible show, playing his biggest hits from 'One Kiss' to 'Slide' to 'What You Came For', and even bringing out his most recent collaborator Ellie Goulding for a special performance of their new song 'Miracle'.

Fans were particularly impressed when Calvin apparently didn't stop at the strict curfew and played tune after tune - especially since he was about 30 minutes late starting his set.

Sharing a video from the set to TikTok, one fan wrote: "Apparently artists at Coachella get charged $1000/minute if they go past 1am because of the curfew...

"Calvin Harris at 1.09am."

Yep, according to a TMZ report, the city of Indio charges Coachella a bomb for every minute that they go over curfew.

City officials told the publication that, as part of its agreement with Goldenvoice, the festival is charged a daily fine of $20,000 for the first five minutes past curfew, and an additional $1,000 every minute after that.


Still, fans were thrilled to see Calvin willing to lose some cash to make sure his audience had a good time.

"Oh how I love to be European," commented one TikToker.

"Calvin Harris raised us and is still going strong," wrote a second.

"There's a certain sense of dopamine when you experience an artist who truly cares about their art and guest experiences instead of profit," doted a third.

But Calvin wasn't the only one to reportedly break the curfew rule.

On Friday, the festival apparently went 25 minutes past curfew, and on Saturday, it went over by 22 minutes.

All in all, the festival was reportedly charged an eye-watering $117,000 in fines across the weekend.

According to city officials, that money will go straight into the city for public works, police and fire departments, and other operating costs.

Bad Bunny and Frank Ocean also apparently went past curfew with their sets on their respective headline slots.

People were a little disappointed by Frank Ocean's set.
Storms Media Group / Alamy Stock Photo

Closing his rather controversial set on Sunday night, which started almost an hour late, Frank told fans: "Guys I’m being told it’s curfew, so that’s the end of the show."

Fans who had waited six years and travelled from far and wide to see Frank couldn't help but admit that they were a little disappointed by the set.

Here's hoping everything runs a little smoother next weekend!

UNILAD has contacted Coachella for comment.

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