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Someone watched the entirety of Wednesday to see how many times Jenna Ortega blinks

Someone watched the entirety of Wednesday to see how many times Jenna Ortega blinks

A content creator on TikTok watched the entirety of the new Netflix series Wednesday to see how many times Jenna Ortega blinks.

The return of the Addams Family and Wednesday Addams in particular has been a long time coming for many fans of the original film series.

But things are slightly different this time around, as Wednesday is now at a new high school and is also played by a new actor in the Netflix series Wednesday.

In the new adaptation of the classic family, Wednesday is played by Jenna Ortega - the 20-year-old known for her role in the terrifying Scream series.

And this one TikToker has been playing a particular closer eye to Ortega and the lack of times the actor blinks in the series.

For a bit of context, Ortega was actually asked by the series' director Tim Burton to limit the blinking she does in Wednesday.

Burton knows a thing or two about creating a spooky atmosphere in his projects, and usually when he sees an opportunity to make something creepy in his work, he will.

So, Ortega was asked to perform one of the scenes in the show without blinking, and the veteran director liked it that much he told the actor to not blink anymore during any of the other takes for the Netflix show.

Fans have noticed Jenna Ortega doesn't blink much in Wednesday.

The official Netflix Twitter account revealed this in a video explaining why Ortega was not blinking.

They said: "After trying one take where she didn’t blink, Tim Burton was so enamored with the result he told Jenna Ortega not to blink anymore when playing Wednesday.

“So she didn’t.”

Now, a TikToker has gone in and watched all eight episodes of Wednesday, counting that she only blinked an incredible nine times in the whole of the show.

The content creator - who goes by the name of @dannyrayes - uploaded of video including all of Ortega's scenes where we see her blink.

Many fans of the series have taken to the comments section of the TikTok and also Twitter to discuss Ortega's lack of blinking.

One person said: "Wednesday only blinks when she let's her emotions get away from her."

And a second added: "She blinked when she showed emotions."

But some on Twitter thought it was a bit unfair for Ortega to not be allowed to blink.

"That's dedication to a role but also on the unfair side to expect that of someone," one person said.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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