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Walking Dead: Dead City release date and teaser trailer revealed

Walking Dead: Dead City release date and teaser trailer revealed

The release date for the latest instalment to the famed franchise has been announced

The Walking Dead has just announced the release date for its latest spinoff, Dead City, starring show favourites Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan.

Revealing the news in typical TWD fashion, fans can't get over the news about the latest addition to the much-adored franchise.

And, it's come a lot sooner than we all thought it would. Check it out:

The Walking Dead first entered our living rooms - or bedrooms - back in 2010.

The series ended up going strong for a staggering 11 seasons up until 2022 when it finally came to an end after providing us with 177 gory, action-packed and heartfelt episodes.

Since then, the post-apocalyptic TWD franchise has had a handful of spinoff series including Fear the Walking Dead, Tales of the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond.

And now fans can add one more series to their binge-list after the show announced the eighth - yep you heard that right - spinoff of the franchise.

First glance at the new spinoff series.

The show released the news to Twitter yesterday evening (25 March) with a simple but effective 'HOT DIGGITY DOG' as the leading statement.

In case you're not familiar with TWD Family's in-jokes, this is a reference to Negan's infamous speech back in the episode 'Service' from season seven which, of course, went viral online.

Accompanying the tweet was an AMC promo poster revealing to fans that the new spinoff season would, at long last, hit our screens on '6/18/23'.

The series will see the likes of Maggie (Cohan) and Negan (Dean Morgan) surprisingly pair up as they head out for a mission to a walker-infested New York City in the hopes to rescue Maggie’s kidnapped son Hershel.

More like the Mouldy Apple, am I right?

Bear in mind, Negan brutally killed the father of said child, Glenn played by Steven Yeun, back in the season seven premiere with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan in The Walking Dead: Dead City.

Who knows what the future will hold for these two mortal enemies?

Just a few months away now in June, it's clear that fans couldn't wait to share their excitement over the news that the TWD universe would yet again carry on.

One Twitter user commented: "This is gonna be so epic. Can't wait."

"But I want to watch it now!! NOT in June," posted another, clearly impatient, fan.


And back we are.

The Walking Dead: Dead City will be available to watch on AMC on June 18th, 2023.

Featured Image Credit: AMC

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