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TV Presenter Says She Was Sacked After X-Rated Onesie Joke

TV Presenter Says She Was Sacked After X-Rated Onesie Joke

An Australian presenter has been 'fired' after making an x-rated joke live on air.

An Australian presenter revealed she has been 'fired' after making an x-rated joke live on air.

Actress and comedian Nikki Osborne was speaking on Channel 9's Today Extra with co-hosts David Campbell and Sonia Kruger, when what should come up in conversation but turkeys and onesies.

Osborne was asked whether husbands think women 'look weird in onesies' and her co-hosts certainly weren't expecting such an NSFW answer.

Watch the clip below:

Campbell and Kruger referred to a study which suggested men prefer women in comfy clothing, with Campbell noting how comfy clothing is best to 'cuddle' in.

"And where can that cuddle lead to?" he said.

Osborne's response was: "Well, my husband always says you don’t look at a turkey when you’re stuffing it. So that's is opinion."

Osborne's x-rated quote supposedly from her husband about a turkey had her co-hosts stunned.

When asked what that even meant, she admitted, 'I won't explain it'.

However, going back to the matter at hand, Osborne resolved: "But, I'm with you Jackie, I think too many hipsters are being interviewed regarding this because I just don't think that's true at all.

"I think most men would prefer women in their lingerie then their jimmy jams or their onesies.

"I mean let's face it, onesies are a logistical nightmare if you're trying to enter into a jiggery-pokery because it's like, 'Oh, give me five minutes'."

The co-hosts joked that after what Osborne's husband said, they weren't 'even looking forward to Thanksgiving anymore'.

"There goes that turkey sandwich I was going to have for lunch," Kruger joked.

Osborne shared the post to Instagram, along with the caption: "This was one of my favourite firings. #fyp #controversy #turkeystuffing"

While she didn't clarify exactly when the clip was from, she told followers it was 'old'.

However, she did state again she had been 'fired' from Nine Network.

Osborne first started on Nine Network in 2006, where she hosted Quizmania, a late night quiz series.

While she may have been booted off Channel 9, she recently appeared on Channel 10 in How to Stay Married.

She also featured on 2020 season of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

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Featured Image Credit: 9 News

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