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Thor’s Prop Hammer Goes Up For Sale For Eye-Watering Amount

Thor’s Prop Hammer Goes Up For Sale For Eye-Watering Amount

Thor's prop hammer is up for sale and the price is as ridiculous as you'd expect.

Thor's prop hammer has gone up for sale, and the asking price would make anyone's eyes water.

Have you ever dreamed of owning the God of Thunder's hammer? Well, now you can – if you're willing to spend a small fortune.

That's right, the hammer used by Chris Hemsworth is hitting the market, along with other movie memorabilia.

The specific prop hammer going on the market is from the original 2011 Thor film, which kicked off the super-successful film series.

Thor was the first time we saw Thor and Loki go head-to-head, forming one of Marvel's most iconic love-hate duos.

Now, fans of the series have the chance to own one of the franchise's most iconic (fake) weapons, with the Today Show taking a tour around the auction.

Discussing the hammer, the presenter says: "This is the hammer right here, and if you see the detail in the hammer head, you can actually tell it's cast out of a lightweight rubber so they don't injure anyone in the movie-making process."

Yep, that's right, much to our disappointment, the hammer doesn't actually have any magical powers.

However, the hammer does have 'Chris Hemsworth's fingerprints on it', which we'd argue is its own kind of magic.

Star Wars memorabilia is also up for sale.

So, how much is the prop hammer supposed to go on sale for?

A reasonable $100,000-150,000, so it's a real Sophie's Choice between that and buying a flat.

The hammer isn't the only thing on offer, however, as the auction, handled by Propstore, is selling a treasure trove of movie merch.

From Star WarsBack To The Future, and Castaway, the auction is expected to rake in a cool $9 million.

If you've ever dreamed of re-enacting an iconic Tom Hanks scene, this auction could be for you.

If you're wondering what the most expensive item for sale is, it's an ILM 'Red Leader' X-Wing Starfighter miniature from Star Wars: A New Hope; it's estimated to bring in anything between $500,000-$1 million.

Why not get two at that bargain price?

Still, if fantasy props aren't your thing, why not buy the literal 'Wilson' ball from Castaway?

Being able to re-enact the iconic Tom Hanks scene when you go to the beach this summer will only cost you $80,000-$120,000.

Other items include Freddy Krueger's sweater from the Freddy Vs Jason movie, which is sure to win any Halloween costume contest.

It's also one of the cheaper items up for sale, at a cool $15,000.

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Featured Image Credit: Marvel/Today

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