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Fans of The Simpsons are questioning what has happened to Marge's voice
Featured Image Credit: Disney

Fans of The Simpsons are questioning what has happened to Marge's voice

The Simpsons fans are debating why Marge Simpson's voice doesn't sound how they remember it.

The Simpsons and its main family cast have been staples of pop culture for over 30 years at this point, but some fans have started wondering whether or not Marge’s voice has changed.

At this point, it feels like The Simpsons has been on our TV screens forever and will remain for generations to come.

Some fans have been watching the show since its debut in 1989, others tuning in when they were finally old enough for their parents to let them watch the iconic show.

But one clip that was shared by the show’s official X page got fans talking about Marge Simpson’s character. The initial post was a promotion for the then upcoming Season 35 Episode 8, Ae Bonny Romance:

The character has been voiced by Julie Kavner from the very beginning and she has even voiced Marge’s two sisters, Patty and Selma.

Well, the recent post on X that has so far been viewed more than 370,000 times has led fans to question if something has happened to the character's voice.

“I haven’t watched The Simpsons in quite some time so can somebody please explain… WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO MARGE’S VOICE?!,” an X user posted.

Admittedly, the character’s voice has hardly ever been velvety smooth, but it is fair to say she does sound a little more coarse and rough around the edges than in earlier seasons.

Marge's character has been voiced by Julie Kavner from the very beginning .

Social media users discussed some of the possible reasons why the voice isn’t the same.

“She's in her 70s now, and her voice is f**ked from being marge for 30 years. They said they won't recast until she's ready to give up the role,” one X user commented.

“Marges voice has ruined her voice actors vocal cords im guessing,” another said.

“The voice actress is getting on a bit now so her voice has changed a bit like it does with all golden oldies xx,” commented another.

Social medias discussed some of the possible reasons why Marge's voice doesn't sound the same.

“So basically after 30 years of doing a voice, it changes. Just like our normal voices won’t sound the same in 30 years,” another said.

“The actress did over a hundred takes of Marge filming a video for Homer in the movie. Apparently that's what did irreversibly for her vocal chords. Sounds really painful,” a user added.

While Kavner has not been crystal clear on the slight change in voice, rumors have circulated that during the shooting of the Simpson’s movie in 2007, her voice was strained, and it has been suffering since.

UNILAD has contacted Disney for comment.

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