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The Simpsons September 24th end of world prediction has people freaked out
Featured Image Credit: Disney

The Simpsons September 24th end of world prediction has people freaked out

The Simpsons has done it again...

The Simpsons has become famous for seemingly predicting major world events and now, people are concerned over its apparent end of the world prediction.

According to the hit cartoon series, the end could be nigh on 24 September all thanks to an episode titled: 'Homer Goes to Prep School', which sees Homer join an end of the world survivalist group.

Take a look below:

"The apocalypse is coming. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe never, but it's coming," the lovable TV dad says in a clip of the episode that's currently going viral.

While the episode itself doesn't directly predict the date of the end of the world, fans are convinced that its number could be a sign that The Simpsons have done it again.

This is because it is the ninth episode of Season 24 - AKA, the 24th day of September.

If you've been anywhere near conspiracy theories online recently, you'll have seen that a lot of people have got it into their head that this is doomsday.

Some of the end of the world scenarios associated with the now viral date include the dawn of a zombie apocalypse, natural disasters and generally every other horrible event that you could think of.

Do you think The Simpsons could predict the apocalypse?
Disney/The Simpsons

For those who think there's some truth to the prediction, the fact that The Simpsons episode about this very subject is episode 9 of season 25 adds further weight to this theory.

Reacting to a clip from the episode on TikTok, one viewer wrote: "I know I can’t be the only one freaking out about this."

A second added: "I'm seeing a lot of stuff for September 24th the Germany politics are saying it's going to be a day to remember, so obviously they know [sic]."

"They always tell us what will happen," wrote a third while a fourth added: "Simpsons stay ahead of the curve."

However, it's not just the internet that's giving weight to the theory that the end is nigh as so too is the city of Denver, which is giving out survival kit packs this month.

These 'Bug Out Bags' also ironically feature in The Simpsons episode.

Homer showing Marge their bug out bags.
Disney/The Simpsons

But the city has denied that they are being distributed because anyone has any prior knowledge of an impending disaster.

The Denver Office of Emergency Management said to Local Today: "We have been alerted that a conspiracy theory network is circulating a video on social media claiming that our Bug Out Bag giveaway for National Preparedness Month is the result of a known or anticipated disaster.

"We want to reassure the community that the claims made in this video are clearly false. Our office’s mission is to create a safe, prepared, and resilient community."

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