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People accuse The Little Mermaid of 'hiding bad CGI'

People accuse The Little Mermaid of 'hiding bad CGI'

It might be Disney's biggest blockbuster, but fans have been left shellshocked over the 'bad CGI' in The Little Mermaid.

Whilst Disney fans are looking forward to The Little Mermaid, the film has found itself in hot water (again).

It’s after clips washed up online that many accusing the upcoming Disney movie of hiding ‘questionable CGI’.

And this certainly isn't the first time that people have had something to say about The Little Mermaid.

After the casting for the live-action remake was announced last year, lead actor Halle Bailey became the target of racist trolls online.

Despite the film being about a fictional mermaid, some people were unable to accept the fact that Bailey had been cast as Ariel.

It led to a racist backlash against the 23-year-old, with the trailer being ‘reviewed bombed’ and flooded with negative comments on YouTube.

Thankfully, the A Wrinkle in Time actor has ignored the media storm around her, telling the press that the role was worth it to see young fans’ reactions.

She added: “Seeing all the babies’ reactions, all the brown and Black young girls,…[it] really tore me up emotionally."

However, many people have now taken to Reddit to question the movie's CGI.

Halle Bailey was relentlessly targeted by trolls when it was announced she would play Ariel in the live-action movie.

Many had already taken to the platform to vent about the film’s being so dimly lit throughout.

One person wrote: “In Little Mermaid’s case, it seems like they’re trying to hide questionable CGI.”

And others agreed, with one Reddit user claiming that was a way of keeping production costs and making the movie more realistic to viewers.

“In most cases, they're trying to hide bad CGI. It's a cheaper way to cut corners,” they wrote, claiming that Jurassic Park had done similar with its effects by filming at night.

They added: “The combo of night scenes and fast paced action hid a few issues with their practical effects that look ridiculous if you start to isolate the scenes.”

The Disney film has been criticised for it's 'bad' special effects.

However, this explanation wasn’t good enough for some fans who were left feeling crabby over the darkly lit scenes in The Little Mermaid.

“But why should they want their work to look as if it was shot during a solar eclipse?” another frustrated viewer commented and likened the muted tones to 50 Shades Of Grey.

“Directors are distinguishing their live-action Disney films from the studio's classic cartoons by giving them more naturalistic lighting,” they wrote.

Adding: “They want us to know that, even if they're telling stories about flying children and singing crabs, they're telling serious, mature stories about flying children and singing crabs.”

While someone else said that everything looked 'dulled' in the live-action as they attempted to make it look 'more realistic'.

Well to be fair, the bottom of the sea is also really dark.

UNILAD has reached out to Disney for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Disney

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