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Fans are being left sickened by extremely x-rated scene in new season of The Boys

Fans are being left sickened by extremely x-rated scene in new season of The Boys

We're not feeling much better about it either...

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When it comes to The Boys, X-rated scenes are part and parcel of what we’ve all come to expect.

From a tiny superhero jumping inside someone in the first season, to season three’s supremely f**ked up ‘Herogasm’ episode – there’s been messed up sexual scenes from the jump.

In season four however, The Boys have once again taken things to another level.

A scene in episode two of the new season, ‘Life Among the Septics’, features a disgusting X-rated scene.

As with much in Amazon Prime show – it is a parody of something else, but this time they chose one of the most brutally disgusting films of all time.

The film they are parodying is the Human Centipede franchise, with Frenchie and Kimiko walking in on a super-powered version of the titular centipede.

For those not in the know who are lucky enough to not know what that means, strap in.

The Human Centipede films feature humans being experimented on – with multiple then attached mouth to anus to form… a human centipede.

So now you’re probably asking, how do you a) make that worse, or b) make that superpowered?

We're right there with them. (Amazon Prime)
We're right there with them. (Amazon Prime)

Well, in comes new character for this season – Splinter.

Splinter’s power allows him to near instantly create clones of himself.

You could use this for anything, does he use it to send his clones off to learn new skills to bring back to himself? Does he use it to carry out dangerous tasks that his clones could safely die doing?

No, of course not, this is The Boys.

When Frenchie and Kimiko walk in, Splinter is using his power to create a train of himself – ass to face – pleasuring himself.

Fans have taken the scene about how you’d expect.

The closest we can legally get to showing you this scene. (Amazon Prime)
The closest we can legally get to showing you this scene. (Amazon Prime)

In the discussion thread on r/TheBoys for episode two, one fan simply commented “BRO WHAT IN THE HOLY F**K DID I SEE”.

Another commented: “he doing that human centipede type sh*t what the f**k was that.”

A separate post on the subreddit pointed out a hilarious move by Amazon.

Prime Video will randomly pop up with trivia as scenes play, and during this scene it read: “Actor Rob Benedict wants us to remind everyone that he studied Shakespeare at Northwestern University.

Sure thing. (Amazon Prime)
Sure thing. (Amazon Prime)

“There is no contractual obligation for us to carry out this request. This is merely a kind gesture.”

I, for one, am sure that’s what everyone will take from this scene in The Boys.

The Boys season four is streaming the first three episodes on Amazon Prime now.

Featured Image Credit: Amazon Prime

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