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People Left Disgusted By Extremely X-Rated The Boys Scene
Featured Image Credit: Amazon Prime Video

People Left Disgusted By Extremely X-Rated The Boys Scene

The third series got off to an explosive start after returning to Amazon Prime

After waiting more than a year for the third series to arrive, fans of The Boys were left disgusted by one particular scene in the first episode.

The popular Amazon Prime series returned with its third instalment on Friday (3 June), welcoming back the likes of Karl Urban, Jack Quiad, Antony Starr, Erin Moriarty and Laz Alonso, along with the rest of the gang and some new faces.

It comes after fans were forced to wait more than 18 months to see the powerful characters back in action, but some Prime users were left questioning their viewing choices when it came to a scene of a house party thrown by Termite (Brett Geddes).

Warning... spoilers ahead!

I'm sure anyone who's already seen the episode will be all too familiar with the scene I'm talking about, and for anyone who's not been subject to it, maybe take a minute and think about if you really want to hear what happens.

If you're still reading, fair play.

The Boys is back for its third series.
Amazon Prime Video

In the scene, Termite leaves his party behind to enjoy an intimate moment with his lover and decides to put his superpowers to use by shrinking down and actually venturing inside the man's penis.

Admittedly I don't have the anatomy to really comment on this decision, but I can't imagine many people who do are desperate to have a whole person invade their genitals. Each to their own though, I suppose.

Unfortunately, things don't work out too well for Termite when he sneezes in the midst of his penis travels, causing him to go back to his full size while still inside the man's penis.

As you might expect, this leads to a lot of damage.

The scene left viewers in both shock and disgust, with one person admitting it had an actual physical impact on them.

"Not gonna lie my penis still numb after watching the first episode of the boys, that termite scene is really something," the Twitter user wrote.

Another commented: "um the boys s3 is…[definitely something]. why did i need to see the inside of a penis? i could have lived my whole life without seeing that genuinely traumatized"

It probably goes without saying that the scene wasn't for everyone, but there's no denying it kicked series three of The Boys off to a memorable and strong start. If that's what happens in episode one, I think fans better brace themselves for what's to come.

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