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The Batman's Post-Credits Scene Explained

The Batman's Post-Credits Scene Explained

If you were one of the film fans to sit through the credits of The Batman only to be left feeling completely baffled, then you're not alone

If you were one of the film fans to sit through the credits of The Batman only to be left feeling completely baffled, then you're not alone.

It was no small feat to wait for the post-credits scene after already having sat through a near three-hour film, with the consumption of copious amounts of sugary drinks combined with the determination not to miss an important plot point providing a recipe for desperately needing the toilet.

As a result, those who made it all the way to the final scene will no doubt have been hoping to have their patience pay off with some satisfying nugget of extra content, when in reality they were met with a confusing scene straight from the Riddler himself.

Robert Pattinson in The Batman (Jonathan Olley/Warner Bros.)
Robert Pattinson in The Batman (Jonathan Olley/Warner Bros.)

The blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment saw the words 'Good Bye' and a green question mark appear on the screen – with the question mark not only in reference to the Riddler, but hopefully hinting at a sequel. After that message, viewers are met with text that actually directs viewers away from the cinema screen.

If you weren't sure what to make of the text, it's a URL to the Rat Alada website, which offered up clues about the film ahead of its release.

Prior to the film's release the site was home to three riddles which, when solved, led to a video clip from Thomas Wayne’s mayoral campaign with the words 'hush' and 'the truth about Gotham' scrawled across the screen at certain points, and the Riddler's symbol at the end.

In case you missed this version of the website, the riddles, and the answers are below:

1. 'It’s more than just a game. Fear he who hides behind one.'

2. 'What was new, is new again. Rebirth. Restoration. Reformation.'

3. 'I am first a fraud or a trick, or perhaps a blend of the two. That’s up to your misinterpretation.'

Robert Pattinson in The Batman. (Warner Bros.)
Robert Pattinson in The Batman. (Warner Bros.)

The answers are Mask, Renewal, and Confusion, respectively.

Following the release of The Batman last week, the website changed to display a code that disappears and is replaced by a hyperlink to another page. That page, titled 'It's Not Over Yet', offers up an image featuring symbols similar to those used by the Riddler in the film.

According to Games Radar and some dedicated people on Twitter, the message reads as follows: 'You think I'm finished, but perhaps you don't know the full truth. Every ending is a new beginning. Something is coming.'

It's unclear exactly what the daunting message refers to, but with the film coming to an end with a blossoming friendship between the Riddler and a fellow prisoner we assume to be the Joker, it seems pretty clear that 'something' isn't going to be good for Batman.

Eagle-eyed Reddit users have noted the code that first shows up on the site features numbers which point to key moments in the history of Batman, including his first appearance in the comic-book Detective Comics #27; the introduction of Catwoman and Joker; Penguin’s first appearance; the Riddler’s first appearance; Falcone’s first appearance, and Alfred’s first appearance.

The final characters indicate a reference to October 1974 and the release of Batman #258, which featured Two-Face breaking out of Arkham. Potentially, this may offer a hint of a plot-point for a Robert Pattinson-led sequel.

So there you have it – it's hardly an easy post-credits scene to understand, but there's a lot of meaning behind it.

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Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros./Alamy

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