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Stranger Things fans horrified after learning axed Will Byers storyline

Stranger Things fans horrified after learning axed Will Byers storyline

"Oh the guilt would have been through the roof"

Stranger Things fans have been left horrified by an axed plot line which would have turned Will Byers' life upside down (see what we did there?).

We've absolutely loved watching Will grow up and progress as a character for the past four seasons, which is why we're so glad the Duffer Brothers didn't go through with this idea.

But with such a long wait until season five, the writers' room of the hit Netflix show has decided to look back at some of the ideas that were ultimately scrapped.

In this case, we're travelling back to season two when Will became possessed by the Mind Flayer after being pulled into the Upside Down.

Fortunately Joyce and his pals realised what's going on and they sedate him before setting out to destroy the monster.

But sadly there was a casualty in the same episode - Joyce's partner Bob Newby, who had been like a father to Will.

While saving the mother and son at the Hawkins National Laboratory he was mauled to death by a Demogorgon.

Though this outcome was heartbreaking enough, the Stranger Things writers originally thought about having Will kill Bob.

Bob was sadly killed in season two.

In a tweet shared yesterday (5 October), they wrote: "Crazy s**t that almost happened #1: In season 2, a possessed Will was going to kill Bob."

Yes, rather than sedate the possessed protagonist, he could have ended up unintentionally killing his step dad, which I think you'd agree would send his character on an even darker trajectory - and could have made him an easier target for season four's big bad Vecna.

The fans have been losing it over the plot line, with one writing: "And we thank lord everyday that it didn't happen."

"Oh the guilt would have been through the roof," wrote another, to which a third replied, "Imagine how Joyce would look at him after that."

A fourth chimed in: "Ya'll better have some mercy on him next season."

Agreed - Will needs to be protected at all costs.

While we're on the topic of Stranger Things, as we know, the fourth season wrapped up on Netflix with a big finale which saw the Hawkins gang face off against Vecna and save the day, though not without great cost.

The Duffer brothers said after the fourth season wrapped up they'd take a well-earned break before getting the writers back together in August.

It seems that since their return to the writing room they've been busy hammering out the plot details for the fifth and final run and last month decided to troll the fans with what they'd come up with.

Tweeting from the same writers' room account, they shared a blurry picture of a whiteboard covered in the entire story beats.

All the answers are right there – so close and yet so frustratingly far.

The trolling seemed to work as it left fans trying in vain to pick out little details or even make out individual letters.

It's the perfect way to tease fans without giving anything away.

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