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Stranger Things fans get tricked as writers reveal 'entire plot for season five'

Stranger Things fans get tricked as writers reveal 'entire plot for season five'

The Stranger Things writers teased the plot of season five to troll fans

The writers of Stranger Things have trolled fans by almost revealing the entire plot of season five.

Stranger Things season four wrapped up on Netflix with a big finale which saw the Hawkins gang face off against Vecna and save the day, though not without great cost.

Series creators the Duffer brothers said after the fourth season wrapped up they'd take a well-earned break before getting the writers back together in August.


It seems that since their return to the writing room they've been busy hammering out the plot details for the final season of Stranger Things and now they've decided to troll the fans with what they've come up with.

Tweeting from the account @strangerwriters, they shared a blurry picture of a whiteboard covered in the entire story beats for the final season of Stranger Things.

For anyone who wants to know who the plot of the fifth and final season all the answers are right there, so close and yet so frustratingly far.

The trolling seems to have worked as it's left fans trying in vain to pick out little details or even make out individual letters.

It's the perfect way to tease fans without giving anything away, all the answers we're looking for are right there in front of our eyes but we still can't see them.

Some have been tearing their hair out trying to pick out clues and details, while others have been joking around and writing their own preferred plot points over the blurry image.

Perhaps contained on there is the news that certain characters die, which is something the cast are anticipating as stars Millie Bobby Brown and Maya Hawke have both suggested there need to be a few deaths.

They've said they reckon the show has 'too many characters' and with the final season on the way we surely aren't going to see everyone make it out alive.

What's going to happen with Vecna? We're dying to know.
Everett Collection Inc / Alamy Stock Photo

Given what precious little we know about the fifth and final season of Stranger Things, this could have been a tantalising sneak peek at what we could expect to see with the story wrapping up.

What we do know is that season five is going to be shorter that the fourth one, with the most recent instalment boasting around 13 hours of content and some episodes running as long as movies.

According to Stranger Things creators the Duffer brothers, season five is aiming to wrap things up with about 10 hours of runtime as everything heads for one final conclusion.

It's also probably not coming any time soon, with star David Harbour suggesting 'mid-2024' was the release date fans could expect.

While the basic outline of the plot has been planned out that doesn't mean the scripts have been written.

As for what they get up to, unless anyone's really good at unblurring a photo we'll just have to wait and see.

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