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Stranger Things fans think first episode title of final season is very good news for Eddie

Stranger Things fans think first episode title of final season is very good news for Eddie

The title of the first episode of Stranger Things season five could be good news for our sweet prince Eddie Munson.

Warning! Be wary of spoilers below.

Stranger Things fans reckon the teased title for the first episode of the show's final season spells good news for Eddie Munson.

Yesterday (6 November) was 'Stranger Things Day', so named because it's the date in the show when Will Byers first gets nabbed and taken to the upside down back in 1983.

One of the crucial clues teased to fans yesterday was the title of the opening episode to the final season Stranger Things, it's going to be called 'The Crawl'.

Now that fans know what the first episode of season five is going to be called they're sure it's a clue that means something good for Eddie Munson in the Netflix series.

We know the title of the first new episode of Stranger Things.

If you'll remember, poor old Eddie (Joseph Quinn) was a new character introduced in season four as the metal-loving dungeon master for the Hawkins gang.

Things went very badly wrong for Eddie pretty quickly as Vecna's (Jamie Campbell Bower) first new victim Chrissy (Grace Van Dien) was killed right in front of him, leaving him to spend the whole season on the run as a murder suspect.

Hawkins quickly turned on Eddie and seized on his leadership of the 'Hellfire Club' as a sign that he was the cause of the horrible happenings in the town, when really it was just the name of a group of kids playing Dungeons and Dragons.

While he was able to hide from the manhunt with some help, he couldn't avoid getting caught by the supernatural threats plaguing the town and ended up in the upside down, where he ended up dying.

Eddie's final moments were legendary as he played Metallica's 'Master of Puppets' to distract a huge swarm of monstrous bats away from his friends, though it sadly cost him his own life.

Stranger Things' Eddie Munson was partly inspired by Damien Echols, one of the West Memphis Three.

Only on the show for one season, Eddie gained a huge amount of devoted fans and they're not ready to accept that he's gone for good.

They think the title of 'The Crawl' is a clue that he actually survived in some form and it's a reference to him.

Some fans think it means Eddie's going to crawl his way out of the upside down, while others think it's a reference to the lyrics of 'Master of Puppets' which say 'come crawling faster', which would again be a link to Eddie.

Others reckon it's a reference to a 'dungeon crawl', which is what Dungeons and Dragons players often refer to as getting through a dungeon in the game, and maybe that refers to Eddie?

Of course this could all be hopeful fans clutching onto whatever crumbs of comfort they can following the heartbreaking death of a dearly beloved character.

Even if Eddie does somehow survive and come back in the next season he's unlikely to have a good time, as show co-creator Matt Duffer said he saw Eddie as 'a bit of a doomed character'.

If he somehow survived he's still wanted for murder and 'an evil magic monster man did it' is unlikely to convince people he's innocent.

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