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Steve-O explains why he'll never make a Wildboyz sequel with Chris Pontius
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Steve-O explains why he'll never make a Wildboyz sequel with Chris Pontius

He's shared the 'two distinct reasons' why he won't make another series

Steve-O has explained why he’ll never team up with pal Chris Pontius for another series of Wildboyz.

The Jackass spin-off saw Steve-O and Pontius performing - often highly dangerous - stunts with wild animals and zero training.

It first landed on MTV back in 2003 and ran for four seasons until 2006 - but in his memoir, Steve-O revealed that he believed the show could have ran for longer.

"Wildboyz probably could've kept going after season four,” he said. “It just didn't seem like there was a point. Over time it had essentially evolved back into Jackass.

"During our final trip to Russia there were no stunts that wouldn't have fit in just as easily on Jackass. Johnny Knoxville came along on that trip too, which contributed even more to that vibe."

Yesterday (14 May), Steve-O took part in a Reddit 'Ask Me Anything' where he was questioned about the likelihood of a comeback for the Wildboyz.

Chris Pontius and Steve-O in Wildboyz.

But it’s bad news for fans, as he was quick to pour cold water on the idea, sharing the ‘two distinct reasons’ why he and Pontius would be reunited for a new series anytime soon.

He wrote: “No more Wildboyz, for two distinct reasons:

“One: I'm far too sensitive about animal welfare now, and it often involved transporting and handling animals in a way that made me uncomfortable. And all the zoos made me sad, too.

“Two: The risks we took were really gnarly, and to continue would require more risk than I'm comfortable with these days.”

Although disappointed, fans were happy with his reasoning for not bringing the show back, with one person responding: “Honestly the two most acceptable answers I could think of.”

Wilboyz ran for four seasons back in the 2000s.

Another said: “Man, I loved watching you back in the day, but I'm more impressed with how you've grown to know what you care about and stand behind it. Frankly so have I. I have mad respect for people who grow. You're freaking awesome for standing up for the animals.”

While a third commented: “This is disappointing but totally understandable.”

A fourth said: “No more Wildboyz makes me sad but I can absolutely respect your reason for saying no to it. It was definitely my favorite nature show."

Someone else suggested that - animals aside - it would be great to see the duo pair up again.

“You don't have to do Wildboyz, but I miss you and Pontius together,” they wrote. “Maybe someday you guys can do a project again.”

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