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Stephen King makes fun of The Last of Us '10 miles west of Boston’ scene
Featured Image Credit: PA Images / Alamy / HBO

Stephen King makes fun of The Last of Us '10 miles west of Boston’ scene

The Carrie author was one of many fans who called out the show for this scene

Stephen King has spoken out about the ’10 miles west of Boston’ scene in the most recent episode of The Last of Us.

Firstly, isn’t it incredible that the iconic horror and supernatural novelist is watching the hit HBO show like the rest of us?

The It writer, 75, tuned in for the third episode of the hit series – titled 'Long, Long time' - which featured the TV adaptation's first major deviation from its video game source material.

While most fans showered the episode in acclaim, some people – including King – were left scratching their heads, especially those who have lived in New England.

An establishing shot suggests the characters are '10 miles west of Boston' however this is apparently impossible.

It shows a gorgeous mountain backdrop with rows of trees and some water.

But King, a New England native, was quick to point out why this is definitely not '10 miles west of Boston' like the series claims.

He tweeted: “THE LAST OF US. Episode 3: Do you really want to tell me that’s 10 miles west of Boston?”

The King of Horror was not the only viewer who noticed the apparent blunder.


One viewer shared a screenshot of the establishing shot on Twitter and wrote: “Getting belligerently angry when ‘The Last of Us’ tries to claim that a mountainous terrain that’s clearly north-western is ‘10 miles west of Boston’.”

Another fan quipped: “Trying to convince us that this landscape is 10 miles west of Boston was very funny to me.”

A third Twitter user wrote: “I do expect to love this episode of The Last of Us, but um... this is could not look less like 10 miles west of Boston.”


While someone else familiar with New England wrote: “Zombie apocalypse or not, there should be at least 2 Dunkin’s if this is 10 miles west of Boston.”

Before fans of the TV show or video game jump to conclusions, King is definitely a fan. When a viewer replied to his tweet with: “That’s what you got out to one of the most beautiful episodes of television?", he replied, “Oh, I liked it fine.

“Just sayin’.”

The Last Of Us stars Game of Thrones actors Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey as protagonists Joel and Ellie, who face the challenge of trying to make it across the US to a quarantine zone after the modern civilization gets destroyed by a virus.

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