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Snowpiercer season four has been cancelled
Featured Image Credit: Netflix/TNT

Snowpiercer season four has been cancelled

Production had wrapped and the show was ready to go but it will no longer air on TNT

The fourth and final season of Snowpiercer is no longer set to air, its broadcaster has announced.

Production on the fourth season was finished and the show was all ready to go, but it appears that network TNT has had a change of heart and made the decision to ditch it. You can see a trailer for the show here:

Set within a dystopian future, Snowpiercer, which stars Jennifer Connelly, Sean Bean and Daveed Diggs, centres on the last remnants of humanity after the world becomes a frozen wasteland.

Those left on Earth have been bundled onto a perpetually moving train, designed by eccentric billionaire Joseph Wllford (played by Bean) and consisting of 1001 carriages.

The train makes its way around the globe just under three times per year and its constant moving provides enough energy for those on board to keep from freezing to death.

As fans might remember, season three ended on a cliffhanger and many viewers were keen to see things nicely tied up before it bowed out for good, but now it seems they’re in for disappointment as TNT has made the ‘difficult decision’ not to air it.

The fourth and final season will no longer air on TNT.

A TNT spokesperson told Entertainment Weekly: "We can confirm that TNT will not air season four of Snowpiercer.

"This was a difficult decision, but our admiration for the talented writers, actors and crew who brought Snowpiercer's extraordinary post-apocalyptic world to life remains strong.

"We have been working collaboratively with the producers since last year to help the series find a new home where fans can continue to enjoy the compelling story and exceptional visual experience. We look forward to working with them on future projects."

Snowpiercer’s producer Tomorrow Studios isn’t giving up that easily and is now on the hunt for a new partner to air season four and give fans the ending they deserve.

Snowpiercer is now looking for a new partner.

A spokesperson said: "We love Snowpiercer and believe season four completes a story with incredible talent that will entertain viewers while exploring issues of climate change and class warfare.

“We are so passionate about this series that we have acquired the rights to control the franchise. We hope to find the perfect partner shortly and finish a great ride with the final season."

Not only that, but according to a report in Deadline, the production team’s ultimate goal is to create several spin-off series set within the Snowpiercer universe, including a potential prequel and sequel - so watch this space, I guess.

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