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Jennifer Connelly’s ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Character Was Mentioned Twice In The Original Movie

Jennifer Connelly’s ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Character Was Mentioned Twice In The Original Movie

The film is a sequel to the 1986’s original blockbuster hit

Jennifer Connelly’s character from Top Gun: Maverick was mentioned twice in the original movie.

As many will be aware, it's very rare that a sequel to a cult-classic is just as good as the original.

Well, this Tom Cruise's sequel to the 1986 movie, that so many of us love, has been met by rave reviews since its release.

The record-breaking film, directed by Joseph Kosinski, ranks in the top ten of highest grossing second weekends in domestic box office history.

The film’s global box office earnings currently total a whopping $548 million (£437m).

As this number is expected to rise, eagle-eyed fans who are looking into every single detail have spotted that Jennifer Connelly’s character Penny Benjamin, who plays Maverick’s love interest, wasn't just a new storyline, as reported by Bro Bible.

Penny was actually mentioned twice in the original film.

As one fan points out: "Didn't catch this when I was saw #TopGunMaverick, but now it makes sense!

"In #TopGun, Mav is getting chewed out for saving Cougar. Stinger says 'and one admiral's daughter'.

"Goose whispers, 'Penny Benjamin?'

Jennifer Connelly's role in the new one? Penny Benjamin. Well played."

Although it's only a small thing, it just demonstrates the attention to detail that goes into a film like this.

Well, despite the film being a huge hit among fans, it nearly had a very different opening.

Speaking to Variety, film editor Eddie Hamilton explained the film could have opened like this: "Maverick stood looking out to sea. He would say, ‘Talk to me, Goose’. In a way, that was us kind of catching up with the beginning of the third act.

"But it felt like too much of a downer, and we ultimately decided that it was slightly confusing, because people were like, ‘Wait, is this as a flashback? What is it?’

"So we got rid of that and we faded to black beautifully on that nice aerial shot of the aircraft carrier. Then we take a moment and fade up on Mav."

While the touching tribute would've been a welcome addition from fans of the film, it would probably make them cry too.

Still, the opening that actually made it into the film did pay homage to the original, with Hamilton noting that: "This opening was important that everyone who loved Top Gun, sat down in the theatre, and immediately felt like we really cared about their experience, that we were treating the original movie with respect, and honouring Tony Scott.

“Within two minutes, we wanted everybody to be in. Also, to take the very state of the art technologies in terms of cinematography, sound, and music and editing and give people a great cinema experience."

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