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Justin Roiland already reviewed his potential Rick and Morty replacement
Featured Image Credit: Vanity Fair/YouTube/Adult Swim

Justin Roiland already reviewed his potential Rick and Morty replacement

Adult Swim have cut ties with Justin Roiland and the Rick and Morty co-creator may already have seen his replacement

It's possible that Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland has already reviewed who his replacement on the Adult Swim show will be.

Roiland was charged with domestic violence offences relating to an alleged incident in 2020, with a criminal complaint against him being filed by the Orange County District Attorney in May of that year.

He pleaded not guilty to one felony count of domestic battery with corporal injury and one felony count of false imprisonment by menace, violence, fraud and/or deceit.

The alleged victim in the case has been reported to be a woman that Roiland was dating at the time, whose was not named in the documents pertaining to the case.

Adult Swim have confirmed that they have ended their association with Roiland, who will not return to reprise his various roles in Rick and Morty, though the show itself will continue without him.

Roiland played both titular characters, so for the show to continue a major recast will be required and Rick and Morty fans have already identified some people they believe could do the job.

Adult Swim have ended their association with Justin Roiland but production on Rick and Morty will continue.
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And it turns out, so has Roiland, as footage from a Vanity Fair interview he did several months ago reviewing impersonations of his characters has been posted onto Reddit, giving fans a handy guide to potential new voices.

Some of the most popular voices reviewed by Roiland include content creator Mortysays, who has posted videos of himself online imitating his characters.

Roiland reviewed his performance positively, describing his Morty voice as as 'eerily on point' and said that 'people wouldn't know who was who' if they were put together.

They also got the thumbs up from Rick and Morty fans who thought he should get the role as Morty, but tipped someone else to play Rick.

Another performance from voice actor Miles Allen had Roiland saying he'd done 'the best so far' and 'wouldn't even know what to say was wrong', though went on to say that his Mr Meeseeks 'isn't quite there'.

One of the more popular sentiments was that instead of one person doing the voices of both Rick and Morty, they might hire two separate actors from now on.

Roiland voiced both Rick and Morty in the show, so replacements for him will need to be found.

Another popular choice people have been suggesting is TikToker Sean Kelly, who has posted videos of himself doing excellent impersonations of the main characters from Rick and Morty.

He's shown he's got a good handle of several characters voiced by Roiland in the series, and if they can cast someone who sounds basically alike then the Rick and Morty ought to be able to continue without further disruption.

It seems clear that the intention is for Rick and Morty to continue without one of its creators, so his replacement (or replacements) for the voices of the many characters he's voiced on the show is a decision that will need to be made.

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