Puss in Boots: The Last Wish is being praised for 'normalizing' anxiety and panic attacks

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Puss in Boots: The Last Wish is being praised for 'normalizing' anxiety and panic attacks

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Puss in Boots: The Last Wish is receiving praise for trying to normalize anxiety and panic attacks.

The spin-off that's set in the Shrek universe is turning out to be the dark horse (or cat) at the box office while also earning critical acclaim for its unexpected twist on children’s fables.

Many are also commending the sequel for bringing mental health issues to the forefront.

One scene shows the cat following his fall from grace at the hands of one particularly vicious wolf.


As Puss is faced with a major panic attack, one of his new friends, Perrito - an optimistic dog disguised as a cat - manages to calm him again.

The heartwarming moment in the flick has left fans touched.

One person wrote: “Dreamworks normalizing panic attacks is something very special to me.”

Another said: “Damn, I could go see the new Puss in Boots movie at least six times. It is so well-made, written and directed.

“I found its depiction of fear of death, anxiety and panic attacks really well written. It was nice to see struggles that I too encountered, in a children animation.”

While a third shared: “Really loved Puss In Boots: The Last Wish. Great addition to the Shrek expanded world & a really heartfelt story. As someone with Anxiety & PTSD, it really hit home seeing Puss have multiple panic attacks & learn how to cope.”

Film reviewer for Agora Megan Kane said the movie offers one of the best portrayals of anxiety she’s ever seen.

She wrote: “The film shows how anxiety can affect everyday life and relationships. The anxiety Puss is dealing with begins to prevent him from doing things he used to love to do.

“In one scene, Puss has what appears to be a panic attack. I have seriously never seen a panic attack portrayed so perfectly in any other film before.

“Perrito comforts Puss in this scene, which I think was the best part of the entire movie. It showed how sometimes all you need is someone to be there for you.”

Aside from receiving commercial and critical praise, the latest Shrek flick has received an impressive 93 per cent on the movie website Rotten Tomatoes.

Its rating has even surpassed the original Shrek movie, which sits at 86 per cent.

I mean, it’s a no-brainer for DreamWorks lovers; you might just have to claw your way into the cinemas before streaming is accessible.

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Charisa Bossinakis
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