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'The Office' set for reboot following lifting of current writers strike

'The Office' set for reboot following lifting of current writers strike

News of a reboot of The Office has arisen since the WGA revealed it has reached a 'tentative agreement' with the AMPTP.

News of a reboot of The Office has arisen following the WGA revealing it has reached a 'tentative agreement' with the AMPTP.

Amidst months of striking and actors officially joining the strikes in July, Hollywood has been ground to a halt.

Productions were paused and some of our favourite TV shows and movies were left in the balance of when they'd start filming again.

The WGA and Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) has since revealed it's come to a 'tentative agreement', which could signal the end of the strikes very soon. And for all The Office fans, that means The Office reboot may now be in motion.

The WGA said in a statement released Sunday, 24 September: "We have reached a tentative agreement on a new 2023 MBA, which is to say an agreement in principle on all deal points, subject to drafting final contract language.

"What we have won in this contract – most particularly, everything we have gained since May 2nd – is due to the willingness of this membership to exercise its power, to demonstrate its solidarity, to walk side-by-side, to endure the pain and uncertainty of the past 146 days.

"It is the leverage generated by your strike, in concert with the extraordinary support of our union siblings, that finally brought the companies back to the table to make a deal.

"We can say, with great pride, that this deal is exceptional – with meaningful gains and protections for writers in every sector of the membership."

Actors joined the strike in July.
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Writing for Puck News, Matthew Belloni and Jonathan Handel predict the industry is about to see 'a firehose of announcements of projects and casting that have been held back for fear of bad optics or violating guild rules'.

They continue: "Greg Daniels is set to do a reboot of The Office, for instance. Disney’s Dana Walden will finally be able to announce the return of her BFF Ryan Murphy from Netflix. A ton of high-profile movie scripts will come in. The industry will chug back to normal."

But is an Office reboot actually going to happen?

The reboot is actually happening?

Well, Daniels - who adapted the UK Office for the US version - previously said he didn't have time to get onboard for a reboot, but in March 2022 he seemed to change his tune.

While still hesitant about how it would take 'a long time' to go back to The Office to not 'disappoint' fans, Daniels explained, as per CBR, he'd probably approach it like 'the way The Mandalorian is like an extension of Star Wars.

"But I don't know if that would be something people would want or not, it's hard to tell," he said.

However, with the reboot greenlit by NBC earlier this year and Daniels' schedule seemingly having become clearer, there's hope for The Office fans yet.

Keep you eyes and ears peeled!

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