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The Boys fans say new ‘gruesome’ X-Rated scene from episode 7 is 'straight out of a horror movie'

The Boys fans say new ‘gruesome’ X-Rated scene from episode 7 is 'straight out of a horror movie'

Prime video users have been left 'absolutely gobsmacked' over 'the most brutal' scene in The Boys season four, episode seven

Warning: This article contains graphic images which some readers may find distressing.

The Boys viewers are flooding to social media in shock over 'the most brutal' scene in season four, episode seven.

You may've thought The Boys surely couldn't get any more gross than that moment in episode one of season one, but you should've realised by now just how gravely wrong you were to even entertain that thought.

And one scene in the latest episode - released last night (10 July) - has sent viewers reeling over just how 'diabolical' it is. **Warning: Spoilers ahead.**

The scene in question sees Firecracker (Valorie Curry) takes Homelander (Antony Starr) to Web Weaver (Dan Mousseau), who's been working as an informant against them for The Boys.

Despite interrogating him pretty successfully given Homelander finds out Web Weaver does, in fact, have links to The Boys, Homelander doesn't just leave the scene there - obviously.

And while other TV series which feature interrogation scenes may see the person being questioned leaving the room with a few less fingers or toes here or there, Web Weaver, unfortunately, doesn't get quite the same treatment.

Instead, he ends up literally torn in half by Homelander.

And well, if you've not caught up with the episode already, you can imagine it's not a pretty sight. And if you did watch it? Well, I hope you had a therapy session booked in for today or some cute cat videos saved on Instagram to help you get to sleep. If not, there's a whole bunch of viewers who have flocked to social media in horror who you can be 'gobsmacked' with.

Even Firecracker looked horrified (Prime Video)
Even Firecracker looked horrified (Prime Video)


"Homelander really done split webweaver in half now that got firecracker absolutely gobsmacked," another added.

A third commented: "Homelander didn’t have to kill Web Weaver like that #TheBoys."

A fourth wrote: "i paused today's episode of The Boys after realizing what will happen to Webweaver oh no you poor soul."

And conversation about the scene has even taken over a whole Reddit thread.

*Gulps* (Prime Video)
*Gulps* (Prime Video)

On subreddit thread r/TheBoys, u/RektYez said: "Holy f**k that was probably the most brutal display of Homelander’s physical strength we’ve seen on screen yet. Nice change from his lasers. That was f**king wild lol."

"Homelander ripping Webweaver apart looked straight out of a horror movie," u/serialkiller24 said.

And U/BeijingArk resolved: "Ripping webweaver in half was straight up diabolical lol."

The Boys season four episode seven is available to watch now on Amazon Prime Video.

Featured Image Credit: Prime Video

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