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Harry Potter stunt double paralyzed on set hasn’t watched Daniel Radcliffe documentary dedicated to him
Featured Image Credit: HBO

Harry Potter stunt double paralyzed on set hasn’t watched Daniel Radcliffe documentary dedicated to him

David Holmes' life changed while he was working on the final two Harry Potter films

A stuntman who was paralyzed after an accident on the set of Harry Potter has revealed he hasn't watched the documentary created for him by Daniel Radcliffe.

David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived releases today (15 November), and tells the story of Holmes, who joined the Harry Potter franchise at the very start with Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

Holmes worked as a stunt double for Radcliffe himself, and remained a key part of the franchise throughout the whole series, until his tragic accident in January 2009.

While test filming for the final two Harry Potter films, Holmes was propelled backwards into a wall and broke his neck on set.

Decades after being left paralyzed, he teamed up again with Radcliffe for the documentary.

“I wanted to make something about Dave for years because he's extraordinary and I wanted to share that with the world,” Radcliffe told People.

Holmes added that he attempted to make the documentary himself, but he 'didn't really know what [he] was doing'.

David Holmes was Daniel Radcliffe's stunt double.

"For some reason, I thought I might know how to direct a documentary. I absolutely didn't," he added.

The pair worked with director Dan Hartley, who previously worked as the video operator on Harry Potter, to create the film.

However, Holmes has admitted that even after looking back on his life and the accident for the documentary, he's not yet watched it.

Explaining why, Holmes said simply, “I am not ready to watch it yet."

Referring to Radcliffe and Hartley, he continued: "I know that these guys have done an amazing job. I know that it was made with love and sensitivity, and that's enough for me right now.”

Though Holmes himself hasn't yet watched the film, Radcliffe and the team have shown it to 'as many of Dave's friends and family as [they] possibly can', and they're 'fairly confident [they've] done him proud'.

Daniel Radcliffe described Holmes as 'extraordinary'.

Since the accident, Holmes said he's been on a 'neurological journey', spending time in and out of the hospital.

“I've been using film and TV and storytelling to get me through it,” he said. “I know in my life there'll be a time I'll get into bed and I won't get out of it.”

Only when that time comes, Holmes said, will he be ready to look back on his earlier years. and the accident that changed his life.

"I'd like to look back on myself with all the hope and optimism that I live with now," he said.

David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived is available to stream on Max from 15 November.

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