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Harry Potter fans reveal the movie items they were stunned to discover are actually real
Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros

Harry Potter fans reveal the movie items they were stunned to discover are actually real

There is an awful lot of magic in Harry Potter, to the point where some fans thought items that were real were in fact fake

While Harry Potter may be a British staple, there is no questioning that the famed film franchise has a worldwide fanbase.

The books and subsequent films are loved by many millions across the globe, even spanning amongst generations.

And if you ever consumed any Harry Potter content, you'll know that the Wizarding World is packed with magic.

Think wands, wizards, flying broomsticks - there really is a lot of it stacked in the franchise.

However, there are some things in Harry Potter that many fans believed to be magic, but instead are actually very real.

These fans are mostly based in the US and the rest of the world, as these items are quite specific to those living in the UK.

The discussion took place on the Harry Potter Reddit, with one user asking: "Non-British readers, what's something from the books you thought was magical but turned out to be just British?"

First of all, one Potterhead admitted to thinking that treacle tart was magic, as the sweet treat appears often in the films, and is very much a personal favorite of Harry Potter himself.

Did you think treacle tart was fake?
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For those unaware, treacle tart is a popular dessert in the UK, and while it may taste magical, it very much isn't.

Nonetheless, a rather hilarious Reddit user penned: "I didn‘t know what they were, so I imagined some kind of cake that looked like an octopus or squid."

Meanwhile, a second added: "I thought it was something like butterbeer or chocolate frog lol. I found out it was real two months ago."

Next on the list that many Harry Potter fans couldn't believe was real was Christmas crackers.

The pulling of crackers on Christmas Day is very much a tradition in Britain which explains why those outside of the UK thought they were fake.

Many Reddit users thought Christmas crackers weren't real.
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"I was so confused when two characters were pulling apart the crackers and there was stuff inside of them," one wrote on Reddit.

"But I was just like, 'oh this wacky magical world and they're novelty-filled giant cheezits!'"

Next up on the list that left Reddit users confused is another food item in the form of rock cakes.

Many believed Harry named the dessert 'rock cake' because Hagrid was quite frankly terrible at cooking.

"I was convinced it was just that Hagrid makes cakes that happened to be rock hard, so Harry nicknamed them rock cakes," one user remarked.

"They're actually rock hard rock cakes?!"

Yes, indeed rock cakes are small cakes filled with sultanas that resemble - you guessed it - rocks.

They are very much real, folks.

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