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1000-Lb. Sisters’ Tammy Slaton convinced she’s pregnant due to unusual craving

1000-Lb. Sisters’ Tammy Slaton convinced she’s pregnant due to unusual craving

Tammy said there was a chance she could be pregnant as she'd noticed a weird craving

TLC star Tammy Slaton was convinced she was pregnant due to an unusual craving.

The 1000-lb sister went to visit Dr. Cindy Basinski during Tuesday’s episode of the hit TLC show.

Tammy took along her sister Amy as she wanted to look into the possibility of her being able to have a baby following her mega weight loss.

And as she opened up to the OB/GYN about her thoughts on pregnancy, she even admitted to there being a ‘slight chance’ she already was pregnant.

But if her reason for thinking so is anything to go by, there’s a chance most of us could be carrying a little baby right now.

Watch the moment that had viewers cracking up here:

Tammy began by telling the doc: “I wanna see if I can conceive. I wanna make sure everything’s healthy down there. I had an IUD put in… it needed to be taken out in 2016. So it’s still in.”

Just for reference, most IUDs can last between three and 12 years and often need to be replaced up to five years after insertion. So Tammy’s had hers in for quite some time.

Although her sister Amy reckons it’s ‘got a permanent place of residence’.

Tammy also admitted that her and husband Caleb Willingham weren’t exactly sexually active at the time as he was living out of the state at a rehab facility (this episode was filmed before his death in June 2023).

Tammy was convinced she could be pregnant.

But she also couldn’t remember when her last period was.

She said: “There could be a slight chance I might be pregnant now.”

And just wait to hear why she thought this.

“I’ve been craving weird things that I’m not normally craving,” she explained.

Amy seemed baffled by her sister's admission.

“Like water. I’m craving water.”

This led to total silence from both her sister and the doctor as Amy was totally cracking up to the camera.

“B**ch you ain’t pregnant, you just thirsty. You thirsty b**ch, go drink you some water.

“It’ll be alright,” Amy said.

Viewers on X were in stitches over Tammy’s craving as they said they cried ‘real tears’.

Another pointed out: “The silence was LOUD in the doctors office.”

Others wrote: “I thought she’s goin to say something for real.”


Many said: “I love this show so f**king much lmfao,” as another wrote: “Lmaooo her sister always gonna get her together.”

And another simply added: “Yeah… I don’t think that she’s pregnant.”

Featured Image Credit: TLC

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