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The Simpsons get transformed into real-life people by AI and fans are disturbed
Featured Image Credit: @20thcenturymarc/X/20th Television Animation

The Simpsons get transformed into real-life people by AI and fans are disturbed

Someone got AI to generate what the Simpsons would look like in real life, and the results are a little disturbing

They are perhaps the most iconic family on TV, and now finally we can get some idea of what The Simpsons would look like, as 'real' people.

Well now, thanks to the dark magic of AI, we have that privilege and it's safe to say that just because we can, doesn't mean we should.

Many fans have been left disturbed by the results of the 'humanification' of the beloved cartoon characters.

The images were tweeted out by Marc Burrows, who shared the images of the core family of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie, writing: "This is what an AI thinks the Simpsons would look IRL."

It's safe to say that the cartoon characters, with their exaggerated features, don't translate well into the 'real world'.

They might be cute and likeable in cartoon form, but in 'real' form they all have piercing blue eyes, and look like something out of Children Of The Corn.

Fans sounded off in the comments about how they felt unnerved by their appearances.

Just in case we all needed reminding what the Simpsons look like.
The Simpsons/20th Century Animation

One simply wrote: "Thanks, I hate it," while another remarked: "Why would anyone be interested in what a realistic Simpsons character looks like?"

Another disturbed fan tweeted: "Why do Lisa and Bart look like they want to kill me in my sleep?"

Other distressed tweeters urged for the AI creations to be 'cast into fire' and 'killed with fire'.

Not the warmest of receptions, figuratively speaking.

But other users were a little more receptive to the AI's interpretation, with some even taking a liking to Homer. Here's the full run down:


People had a surprising reaction to Homer.

One admirer wrote: "Damn. I am a Homersexual," while another tweeted: "Not gonna lie, Homer could get it."

The less said about that, the better I reckon.

Other social media users took the chance to speculate on what a real-life Homer would be like, based solely on his new look.

One person tweeted: "Homer has a Burnley season ticket," as another remarked: "Homer confirmed Chelsea fan."

It even took a political route, as one X user wrote: "Homer 'anti woke/patriot/Brexit means Brexit/Bring back Boris/ex forces/MHL ST holder.'"

This interpretation was backed up by another user who tweeted: "Homer voted to Leave for sure."

In my humble opinion, I think it's generous to assume Homer would remember to turn up to vote...or know how to.

Marge and Maggie

Marge looks burnt out and Maggie is straight out of Child's Play.

Marge and Maggie's new look left fans feeling unnerved, as one person tweeted: "Why did they have to do Maggie like that?"

Marge's tall hairdo has now been shortened, and Maggie's dummy is nowhere to be found.


Bart gives off Oliver Twist vibes.

Bart may have retained his famous spiky hair but his 'Eat my shorts' attitude isn't coming through quite as strongly.

This prankster looks more serious than his cartoon counterpart.

Ay Carumba!


Lisa has lost her distinctive hairdo.

Lisa's starfish-shaped hair is no more, as she's been given a remarkably normal hairstyle.

In fact, with her pearls and saxophone also missing in action, who's to say this is even Lisa Simpson at all?

In any rate, a live-action version of The Simpsons probably isn't on the cards anytime soon.

Given the rate at which the animated sitcom have predicted the future, perhaps even they have foreseen that they would be turned into AI monstrosities one day?

It wouldn't be the first time they were deemed to be ahead of the curve, as fans have pointed out references to Smartwatches and 3D printing years before they came into existence.

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