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There's a terrifying movie about sleep paralysis which takes less than 10 minutes to watch

There's a terrifying movie about sleep paralysis which takes less than 10 minutes to watch

Definitely not one to watch late at night

There's a terrifying movie about sleep paralysis which takes less than 10 minutes to watch.

A short film from Waterhouse Films revolves around a man, Kyle, who severely suffers from a sleeping condition which sees horrifying recurring events take place every time he tries to nod off with a different creature each night.

Prepare to get well and truly creeped out:

Currently available to watch on YouTube, it's titled Disarray - a sleep paralysis horror film.

The flick's official synopsis reads: "A young man finds himself in a state of panic as he tries to stay awake through the night while suffering from sleep paralysis."

It features a spine-chilling shadow-like entity with a pair of piercing yellow eyes which makes its first appearance amidst a field in Kyle's dreamscape.

The dark figure then makes its second appearance in another dream eerily slipping past the protagonist's bedside point of view.

The sleep paralysis demon in question.
Waterhouse Films

As if he were stuck to the bed and unable to move, the entity crawls its way over to him before the man is finally snapped out of the dream after his friend rings him on the phone.

In short - the whole thing is beyond harrowing.

Directed and written by Patrick Stagg starring Cody Wozniak, it's clear the movie has definitely seared itself in the minds of its audiences.

People couldn't wait to share their reactions with many weighing in on the sleep condition which reportedly affects approximately 7.6% of the general population during their lifetime, according to the National Institutes of Health.

One YouTube user revealed: "Great short. As someone who suffers from sleep paralysis, I can honestly say this is one of the most accurate representations of it."

"The last part gave me chills because its so accurate," penned another. "I have been through countless of these, and the worst one I have ever had was very similar to this video."

A list of the terrifying creatures and events which terrorized the man's dreams.
Waterhouse Films

A third wrote: "The worst is when you wake up from it after struggling for what feels like an hour when it is only seconds or a minute or so and you start to drift off again back into the paralysis.

"That's really scary."

No doubt.

"I’ve gone through similar things in my sleep paralysis," added a final YouTube user. "Never saw a full on shadow man but have heard footsteps, doors slamming, muffled voices from the other room, laughing, and knocks on the wall behind my headboard.

"Once I even heard my name being called from within my pillow."

Right - well I'm not getting any sleep tonight then.

Featured Image Credit: Waterhouse Films

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