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Logan Paul responds after being brutally mocked in South Park episode
Featured Image Credit: X/@LoganPaul / Paramount Plus

Logan Paul responds after being brutally mocked in South Park episode

South Park makes fun of Logan Paul and he responds on X

There has been some drama in the online world recently as a hit TV show mocked one of the Paul brothers to no end.

It’s no secret that if you’re famous and you do something controversial, there’s going to be some backlash. A notable show that does this, is South Park.

But this time it’s not Tom Cruise they are going after, it’s actually Prime co-founder, Logan Paul. Watch below:

The YouTuber has since responded to the show after their latest episode tore into him and his brand, and it's not what you might except.

This isn’t the first time the pro fighter has faced public scrutiny, and by now, you'd actually think Paul would be used to it.

In this case, it comes down to the energy drink he created with fellow YouTuber, KSI.

In the South Park episode, it shows Clyde watching a video where a blond vlogger comes onto the screen, donning the name Logan LeDouche.

The character is shown filming a YouTube video and introduced a ‘hydration drink’ called ‘Cred’, which he encourages kids to buy.

Logan Paul was the butt of South Park's joke.
X/ @LoganPaul

In the video, the look-alike advertises the drink by saying: “The most important thing is just to be yourself.

“When I feel like I can’t be myself, that’s when I need a hydration drink that’ll pick me up. That’s when I need Cred!”

Clyde, clocking the product placement, isn’t too pleased.

But LeDouche goes on to claim that Cred is ‘100 per cent sugar-free’ and tips it all over himself whilst working out at the gym.

He explains in the scene: “Cred has electrolytes so you can ride your bike, and also Cred has more vitamin A than your body could possibly ever use!”

But the funny skit pans over to a little kid who has tried the drink saying: “I can’t feel my face.”

The funny video pokes fun at the fact that Prime has seen frenzied teens and kids rushing to buy the cans in bulk.

The advert then encourages children to ‘drink Cred at your school today’, but that it’s ‘not intended for children’.

Paul took it in good fun.
X/ @LoganPaul

Of course, it’s hard not to think that the character was imitating Paul, considering he was created with his likeness.

From the yellow gilet to his hair, it’s almost obvious at first sight.

But it seems as though Paul isn’t too offended and is using the opportunity to thank the creators for giving him some exposure.

Sharing the video on X, formerly Twitter, Paul wrote: “Thanks for the CRED @SouthPark.”

I guess there’s no hard feelings.

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