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Orange is the New Black’s Kimiko Glenn demands to be paid better for nude scenes

Orange is the New Black’s Kimiko Glenn demands to be paid better for nude scenes

The actor said those scenes will live on in perpetuity and she should be compensated for that.

Orange is the New Black’s Kimiko Glenn believes actors need to be fairly compensated for nude scenes.

The 34-year-old actor took to Instagram to pan her former employer Netflix for not appropriately paying actors on the show.

While the Emmy Award-winning series was praised for shining a light on low socioeconomic communities, the actor revealed that many performers from the show didn’t reap its financial benefits.

“Whether or not we got paid upfront — my t*ts live on in perpetuity. I deserve to get paid for as many f**king streams as that s**t gets,” she said of her nude scenes.

“Second of all — we did not get paid very well. Ever. And when I say, ‘Did not get paid very well,’ you would die.”

Glenn added that as the pay was so low, many actors still had to work their second jobs.

“People were bartenders still. People had their second jobs still. They were f**king famous as s**t, like internationally famous, couldn’t go outside, but had to keep their second jobs because they couldn’t afford to not.

"We couldn’t afford cabs to set."

The actor revealed that she was earning around $900 (£695) a day, and while they may seem like a fair bit to some, you don't get to keep much of that.

“Take away taxes, commissions — that nets you about $450 (£347) for that one day of shooting,” she explained.

“And assuming you work four days a month — we’re talking $1,800 (£1,391) for a month’s work, and you live in New York City. That doesn’t make rent,” she said.

She proceeded to call out comments on her Instagram videos, which highlighted that the actor was earning more than enough.

“$900 for one day of shooting is epically low for someone who is recurring on a hit television show, where they are contractually obligated to stay available for six months out of the year,” she wrote in response to one user.

Glenn’s comments come as the writer’s strike has kicked into high gear, with writers and actors joining the same picketing line to advocate for better pay and residual rights in the age of streaming.

It came after the actor's union released a statement announcing that contract talks ended earlier this month without a resolution.

Fran Drescher, president of the Actors’ Guild, said: “The companies have refused to meaningfully engage on some topics and on others completely stonewalled us.

"Until they do negotiate in good faith, we cannot begin to reach a deal."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Kimiko Glenn. Netflix

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