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Fans have ‘worked out’ what happened to missing House of the Dragon character after spotting major clue

Fans have ‘worked out’ what happened to missing House of the Dragon character after spotting major clue

Speculation over Laenor Velaryon's disappearance has been discussed on Reddit and users might have cracked it

The internet detectives are back at it again as House of the Dragon fans think they've finally cracked what happened to one of the 'missing' characters... and they could be seriously onto something.

Fans of HBO's Games of Thrones spin-off House of the Dragon think they have solved the case of what on earth happened to Laenor Velaryon after spotting a major clue.

Back in season one, which feels like an eternity ago despite it only being 2022, episode seven saw Laenor jump in a boat and row off into the sunset... although it was quite a miserable day, but you remember anyway.

To help jog your memory, Laenor had an arranged marriage to Rhaenyra Targaryen, but he is homosexual - and despite trying, the pair were unable to conceive.

Step in Ser Harwin Strong, who fell for Rhaenyra and had three children with her - which Laenor had to claim were his own, although most doubted their legitimacy with them not believing he was their biological father.

When these doubts are raised Laenor, who had a bond with the young dragon called Seasmoke, pledged to his then princess wife to be a better husband for her, before later absconding and never to be seen again.

Laenor Velaryon and Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen. (YouTube/Max HBO)
Laenor Velaryon and Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen. (YouTube/Max HBO)

Speaking with Venture, Laenor actor John MacMillan, who plays him as an adult, said: "I found the writing of that scene really moving.

"Perhaps there isn’t a romantic love between Laenor and Rhaenyra, but they do have compassion for each other, and they’re friends in many ways.

"They’ve been married for 10 years, and they’ve known each other since they were children. It’s a relationship that’s lasted most of their lives. They do like each other, and they’ve been there for each other as best they can."

But users on Reddit have speculated what could have happened after spotting a major clue through Seasmoke's behaviour.

Will Laenor return? (Max)
Will Laenor return? (Max)

One user said: "Seasmoke being restless makes me think Laenor might've died already. I'm hoping it was a peaceful and painless death because I liked his character. I was glad he got to escape all the family drama lol."

But replying, someone posted: "I believe that if dragons acted that way when thier [sic] rider died, then everyone would have asked why Seasmoke isn’t acting crazy when he faked his death.

"In summation, this sub is getting way too confident that Laenor just died and that’s just a weird coincidence that it’s happening at the moment war is about to jump off.

"Matter of fact, this subs confidence is why I’m certain he’s still alive and will ride Seasmoke again."

Someone else suggested: "I’m hoping he reappears to comfort his dad. Maybe Seasmoke is acting up because it feels his presence, not his death."

While another added: "My theory is that Viserys (youngest son of Daemon and Rhaenyra) is raised by Laenor when he gets lost in the free cities."

What do you think?

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