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Man tracks down exact location Homer Simpson ‘escaped to real world’ 30 years after episode aired
Featured Image Credit: 20th Television / Hito Zapata

Man tracks down exact location Homer Simpson ‘escaped to real world’ 30 years after episode aired

The episode was first broadcast some 30 years ago, and someone managed to track down the location

It's one of the most iconic TV shows to ever air, but one fan has tracked down a little-known location in The Simpsons.

There are many parts of The Simpsons which are treasured by fans.

Whether it's the more comical parts like the Stonecutters, or the heartbreaking episode with Homer's 'do it for her' tribute to Maggie at his workstation, there are many moments of the show that fans cherish.

But it's one of the Treehouse of Horror Halloween specials which has got fans reminiscing.

Specifically, the one where Homer Simpson travels the multiverse.

Homer's journey ends with him landing in a dumpster in a very strange and scary world.

This is, of course, our world.

In fairness, they don't come stranger or scarier than that.

A nervous Homer walks down the street.

The segment takes things to a very different feel to the usual look of The Simpsons.

Instead of the widely-known 2D format, we have a 3D-rendered image of Homer.

The scared and sheepish Homer makes his way down the street as people look on, but his fears are soon assuaged when he discovers a shop for 'erotic cake'.

Simpsons podcast Four Finger Discount took things an extra mile, literally, and actually tracked down the exact location where Homer makes his ignominious landing.

Some 30 years after Homer arrived, the podcaster posed for a picture.

And in case you were wondering, it's located at Andrew Young 13567 Ventura boulevard, Sherman Oaks, CA.

A quick comparison between how it was and how it is shows that not a huge amount has changed in the intervening 30 years.

An air conditioning vent has been added, there's a small extension next door, and the wall has been given a lick of paint.

Crucially, the dumpster which breaks Homer's fall is also gone, so he might have a slightly harder landing if he arrived today.

The fan posted a before and after picture.
Four Finger Discount/Facebook / Disney

People took to the comments to share their thoughts on how much the place has changed.

One person joked: "For a second I thought it was Four Seasons Landscaping."

Another thought that it would be fitting to have a homage (or 'Homerage'?) to the scene, saying: "I’m shocked homer isn’t painted on the wall as a mural!"

Someone else was shocked at just how much time has passed since the episode was broadcast.

They wrote: "I could have gone about my day just fine without ever knowing that was 30 years ago."

One person also had a suggestion for the scene which would have changed it significantly.

They wrote: "Instead of a 3D homer they should have used live action Homer."

Of course, figuring out how Homer would look in the real world would be no easy feat.

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