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Three people absolutely hated John Cena being naked at the Oscars
Featured Image Credit: Rich Polk/Variety via Getty Images/Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Three people absolutely hated John Cena being naked at the Oscars

Looks like they were in the minority...

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll have seen that John Cena Oscars skit.

The WWE favorite-turned-actor sported nothing but his birthday suit on at this year's Oscars as a nod to the 46th Academy Awards where streaker, Robert Opel, ran across the stage during the ceremony.

While he very much appeared to be naked, Cena did have some clothes on to cover certain parts of his body (if you catch my drift).

Most people found the skit very entertaining, with the audience seen laughing in shock as Cena bared all to the celebrity audience, but some were less than enthused about the risqué bit. Of the almost 19.5 million people who watched this year's Oscars, three complained to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Following a Freedom of Information Act request by Rolling Stone, the publication obtained what was said, alongside complaints about Cena's nakedness on stage.

One complaint was titled: 'Indecent Prime Time TV'.

John Cena sported his birthday suit for the Oscars.
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The angry review read: "There is no reason why a grown man will come to national television like a streaker and molest and abuse all the children who will hear and see this in TV and in the various media the following day.

"There is need for Cena and the Oscar organizers to be cancelled for promoting gratuitous and inappropriate nudity in such horrific levels that they deserve boycott in the first order."

"What more can I say….other than an undresses [sic] man coming out on stage with only and piece of paper covering his private parts!" fumed another complainant.

Elsewhere, someone went as far as saying Cena's nudity was 'abhorrent'.

"If that had been a woman, the world would have ended," they went on.

John Cena left little to the imagination at last night's Oscars.
Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Despite their grievances, Cena actually had to follow strict rules so that he could do the controversial skit.

Noting the potential for FCC complaints, Rob Mills, the exec VP of unscripted and alternative entertainment at Walt Disney Television, told Variety: "There was a lot of reticence of not just a fine from the FCC, but potential complaints.

"I’m going to educate you a little here," he went on.

"A bulge cannot be showing, and you can’t show crack. It was also, 'What happens if he drops that card?’ So, we made sure that, for all intents and purposes, he looked like a Ken doll up front."

The FCC can impose fines of $325,000 on each station that airs indecent material, including images and words, between 6.00am and 10.00pm.

As it stands, it doesn't appear as if ABC (who aired this year's ceremony) is facing any fines in the wake of the three complaints.

UNILAD has contacted the FCC for comment.

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