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Antony Starr goes viral for his reaction to filming stunt as The Boys' Homelander

Antony Starr goes viral for his reaction to filming stunt as The Boys' Homelander

The actor's reaction is relatable AF.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Gen V

Gen V fans are flooding to social media in stitches over behind the scenes footage of Antony Starr performing one of Homelander's stunts.

The New Zealand actor stars as John Gillman a.k.a. Homelander - leader of the Seven - in The Boys, an Amazon Prime satirical superhero TV show which was first released in 2019.

A spinoff series titled Gen V premiered earlier this year in September and people have already raced through to the end where Homelander makes a surprise appearance. Prepare for some hilarious bloopers of Gillman behind the scenes:

The first finale episode of Gen V's first season titled Guardians of Godolkin sees Starr make a cameo appearance as Homelander, alongside Karl Urban's character Billy Butcher.

Although, true The Boys and Gen V fans already knew Starr was set to feature in the spin-off after paparazzi photos snapped the actor on set.

Gen V executive producer and The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke told Entertainment Weekly: "I find it totally infuriating. No matter how hard you try to implement security protocols, that kind of s**t just gets out into the world and it's a bummer."

Starr and Urban's appearances tie the spin-off and original drama's upcoming return - The Boys season four - together.

Antony Starr makes a surprise cameo appearance at the end of Gen V's season one.
Amazon Prime

And while fans wait in anticipation for the latest season - which is due to drop in 2024 - at least they've got this hilarious behind the scenes clip of Starr filming a stunt for his Gen V cameo to keep them going.

The video - posted to X by @homelanderbot - shows Starr being raised into the air via two wires, in his Homelander costume.

The actor is seen being raised seriously high up and his reaction is seriously relatable.

He can be heard saying: "F**k off. F**k off. Ah f**k my life. F**k this. F**k off. F**king c***s. Holy s**t. Okay. Please, let's go."

And fans are in stitches over the clip.

Starr's stunt sees him lifted extremely high in the air.
X/ @homelanderbot

Gen V fans are flooding to the post in glee over the behind-the-scenes insight into Starr's feelings towards the stunt.


"Homelander being scared of heights isn't something I thought I would see today," another added.

A third commented: "By that f**kometer count he can play young logan roy."

And a fourth resolved: "At that height anyone will regret all the decisions they have made to get there. But what a show they have created."

The Boys' X page even replied: "What do ya mean, he was havin' loads of fun."

Featured Image Credit: Amazon Studios

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