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New Horror From The Studio Behind Hereditary Looks Absolutely Terrifying

New Horror From The Studio Behind Hereditary Looks Absolutely Terrifying

Men, the latest horror from Alex Garland and A24, stars Jessie Buckley and Rory Kinnear

Men, the latest horror from Alex Garland and the studio behind Hereditary, has dropped a brand-new, unnerving trailer.

When we're talking about horror, A24 does not come to play: Tusk is supremely icky; Saint Maud was one of 2020's best movies; Midsommar was a daymare to remember; The Witch taught moviegoers to live deliciously; and Hereditary had people running scared out of cinemas.

Garland, the director of Ex Machina and Annihilation, has teamed up with the studio once more for Men, starring Academy Award nominee Jessie Buckley and Rory Kinnear.

Check out the trailer for Men below:

While there's certain details we can glean from the trailer, very little is actually known about the movie's plot.

The official synopsis reads: "In the aftermath of a personal tragedy, Harper (Buckley) retreats alone to the beautiful English countryside, hoping to have found a place to heal.

"But someone or something from the surrounding woods appears to be stalking her. What begins as simmering dread becomes a fully-formed nightmare, inhabited by her darkest memories and fears."

Jessie Buckley and Rory Kinnear in Men.

The tragedy appears to be the loss of her husband, who plummeted to his death after seemingly jumping off their balcony.

When she arrives at her destination, she's greeted by Kinnear's innkeeper, who sternly jokes with her about eating the 'forbidden fruit' from the garden.

Thereon, she's haunted by a strange figure following her around the countryside. But that's not the main takeaway from the trailer: Kinnear appears to be playing all of the men in various guises, including a priest, police officer and a younger boy.

It's been well-received by fans on social media, with one writing: "How is this already my favourite film of the year and it's not even out yet?"

Another wrote: "All jokes aside, this one is going to be a BANGER."

A third user tweeted: "Buckley looks fantastic and I also love seeing Kinnear, a brilliant and often underused actor, in multiple roles. I loved Ex Machina, wasn’t huge on Annihilation, but I have high hopes for this one."

A fourth wrote: "A horror movie where British men with a certain vibe are the monsters - extremely accurate."

Garland has reunited with cinematographer Rob Hardy following their work together on Ex Machina, Annihilation and the TV series Devs.

Garland is also set to work with A24 again on Civil War, an action epic starring Kirsten Dunst.

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Featured Image Credit: A24

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