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Netflix viewers are finding movie so scary they're having to turn it off after just two minutes

Netflix viewers are finding movie so scary they're having to turn it off after just two minutes

The Little Things stars Denzel Washington, Jared Leto, and Rami Malek, and the psychological crime drama has proven too much for some

A Netflix film has been leaving some viewers so scared and anxiety-ridden that they’re having to turn it off after just a few minutes. Here's the trailer - take a look for yourself.

Weirdly enough, it’s not actually a straight up horror film, either.

There’s no monsters, magic, or paranormal activity here, it’s actually just a police thriller film set in Los Angeles.

OK, so there’s quite a lot of psychological stuff going on in the movie, but it’s not what you’d call a traditional horror movie, anyway.

It’s called The Little Things – again, not exactly a title to inspire terror – and there is a huge cast behind it.

That includes Oscar winners Denzel Washington, Rami Malek, and Jared Leto, as well as Olivia Washington, Natalie Morales, and Sofia Vassilieva.

Released in 2021, here’s a bit of a synopsis to give you an idea of what the plot looks like: “Deputy Sheriff Joe 'Deke' Deacon joins forces with Sgt. Jim Baxter to search for a serial killer who's terrorizing Los Angeles.

Jared Leto in The Little Things.
Warner Bros.

“As they track the culprit, Baxter is unaware that the investigation is dredging up echoes of Deke's past, uncovering disturbing secrets that could threaten more than his case."

The film was directed by John Lee Hancock, who is known for sports films such as The Rookie and The Blind Side, as well as historical dramas The Alamo and Saving Mr Banks.

The film exhibits some pretty dark characterization, as well as presenting an incredibly intense crime/mystery story as well.

That’s proved too much for at least one viewer, who took to Twitter – yes, we know it’s supposed to be X now, but we’re not ready – to say: "2min 52 sec into Netflix the little things & it’s made me so anxious I’ve had to turn it off."

Some people did make it through to the end, though.

One person singled out Denzel’s performance, writing: "'The little things' on Netflix…….WOW, what a movie. Proper old school, Denzil [sic] Washington at his best,"

A third simply said: "Watched the little things on netflix with my sister and it was So Good!!!"

Denzel Washington also stars.
Warner Bros.

Despite being released to largely positive reviews, and Leto even picking up an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor off the back of his turn, it only boasts a 45 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes, so perhaps there are some flaws in the film.

Still, if you’re looking for something to pass the time that will hold your interest, there’s enough suggestion from those who have seen it that it’s worth taking a punt on.

See if you can last longer than two minutes and 52 seconds before turning it off.

The Little Things is available to watch on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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