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Netflix viewers are saying 'must-watch' mysterious thriller series is better than Squid Game

Netflix viewers are saying 'must-watch' mysterious thriller series is better than Squid Game

People are comparing the new series to the iconic Squid Game

Netflix viewers are hooked to a newly added show - and they're saying it's better than Squid Game.

The show has a pretty similar premise to the iconic Netflix series - which was viewed by more than 142 million households in just a month after its launch - so it makes sense that fans are drawing comparisons.

The show has been compared to Squid Game. (Netflix)
The show has been compared to Squid Game. (Netflix)

The South Korean series dropped on Netflix earlier this month and tells the story of eight people invited to take part in a dodgy reality show in exchange for money.

Sounds rather familiar, doesn't it? Especially considering the contestants find themselves trapped in an eight-storey building where they earn more money with each passing day.

The series, which is called The 8 Show, sees the contestants fighting for their lives, but there's a twisted catch - if one dies, they all lose.

There's also a live, secret audience watching their every move behind a glass screen.

People are loving the series so far, with viewers taking to the Netflix Bangers Facebook group to discuss.

One wrote: "The 8 Show. A must-watch series that is even better than Squid Game."

While another said: "This was really good, death game style without all the death, a lot more psychological."

And a third added: "Good !!! Interesting !!! Extraordinary !!! There are no other words I can say other than that, the acting, drama and actors are perfect. So perfect.. Thank you!!! It's really GREAT!!!"

Meanwhile a fourth chimed in: "FINISHED THIS SHOW IN ONE SITTING. It's that good."

You can watch the show on Netflix now. (Netflix)
You can watch the show on Netflix now. (Netflix)

While many viewers are making comparisons between The 8 Show and Squid Game, in an interview with The Korea Times, director Han Jae-rim told the publication that he 'understands' the show was being developed before Squid Game.

He also pointed out the differences, explaining: “In Squid Game, someone else has to die, so I can live and the protagonist feels satisfaction as others get eliminated.

"But in our work, no one should die, and everyone must survive together, which is the complete opposite.”

He added: “I wanted to create a hierarchy by naming the characters by their floor. And I tried to make it easier for [viewers] to empathize with any of the characters by not providing them with detailed backstories.

“These eight people are meant there to entertain.”

You can watch The 8 Show on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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