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Viewers are confused after spotting plot hole in Netflix's new biggest series Supacell

Viewers are confused after spotting plot hole in Netflix's new biggest series Supacell

A Supacell viewer has questioned whether they're 'missing something' after finishing the sixth and final episode

Netflix users are flocking to social media in debate over a seeming plot hole in new hit series Supacell.

Netflix's latest hit series Supacell has seen people binge watch all six episodes in one go - yep, it's that good.

However, if you've done just that and been left slightly confused by how one of the character's superpowers works, then don't worry, you're not the only one.

**Warning: Spoilers ahead.**

What happens at the end of Supacell?

Michael (Tosin Cole) was on a mission all season to save Dionne (Adelayo Adedayo) all season after his future self came back to warn him she faced an early death.

He's part of a group of South Londoners who've developed superpowers due to a mysterious sickle cell disorder, but sinister group The Organisation is trying to track them down and control them.

In the final showdown, Krazy (Ghetts) defeats Michael and his friends, meaning Michael has to rewind time to save them.

They appear to deliver a fatal blow to Krazy in the do-over, but not before he can send a final bullet to kill Dionne, and Michael is unable to save her.

Why can't Michael save Dionne in Supacell?

One viewer took to Reddit on Wednesday (5 July) to reveal they were left 'pissed' after watching the sixth and final episode of season one of the show.

They explained: "Just watched the last episode. Can someone explain to me HOW THE HELL D GETTING SHOT SUDDENLY AFFECTS HOW FAR BACK MIKE CAN TRAVEL TO?!?!?!?!?

Michael couldn't save Dionne in Supacell (Netflix)
Michael couldn't save Dionne in Supacell (Netflix)

"If this mf can go to the future AFTER SHE’S DEAD, and gain all the intel about how to stop her from dying and come allll the way back to BEFORE SHE’S DEAD, how in the world can he all of a sudden, NOT GO BACK to BEFORE SHE DIES?!?!?!?

"This show just pissed me off. If the powers come from the sickle cell trait and she’s literally a normal person with no sickle cell anything, her death shouldn’t all of a sudden affect how far back he can travel in time, WHEN HE’S LITERALLY TRAVELLED TO AFTER HER DEATH, BACK TO BEFORE HER DEATH ALREADY!!!!

"Am I missing something????"

And it's not taken long for other viewers to weigh in.

Some viewers have been confused by some of the logistics surrounding the superpowers (Netflix)
Some viewers have been confused by some of the logistics surrounding the superpowers (Netflix)

Another user replied: "Good question. I'd suggest that Michael's not yet able to control his ability to undo time.

"He didn't do it on purpose the first time, when Tazer killed him. And he didn't do it on purpose when he returned after traveling to the future. To wit: If it was possible, bearded and locked-up Michael from six months in the future would have undone time and stopped all of it from happening.

"Not a definitive answer, but it's one that I can live with. It's also possible that there's nothing that he can do to save her."

Another fan said: "I think he just ran out of juice. He just did a time rewind a few seconds ago, and since he can't fully control his time travel powers yet, it takes too much out of him.

"His eyes flickered a bit so he tried, but just didn't have enough to get it done."

When quizzed by Tudum as to whether Dionne was really dead and if Michael could still go back in time and save her, series creator Rapman said: "There’s no coming back from the dead in this show."

Supacell is available to watch now on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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