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Stranger Things fans are vowing not to watch final season after Eduardo Franco is dumped from show
Featured Image Credit: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images / Netflix

Stranger Things fans are vowing not to watch final season after Eduardo Franco is dumped from show

People aren't happy about Stranger Things season 5 already...

The fifth and final series of Stranger Things is now in production, but fans of the show aren't happy.

It was confirmed in recent days that they've started production for the highly anticipated final season of the popular Netflix show, with the streamer sharing a photo of the cast as it was announced on the news.

While the likes of David Harbour, Maya Hawke, Finn Wolfhard and Caleb McLaughlin were all spotted in the snap - Eduardo Franco wasn't.

Franco joined the cast in series four as Jonathan Byers' hilarious best friend, Argyle.

He quickly became a fan favorite on the show, but Franco isn't reprising his role for season five.

When asked about if he'd feature in Stranger Things 5, the 29-year-old actor told Steve Varley: "I never a got a phone call, so I think that's it."

UNILAD contacted Netflix for comment at the time of the initial report.

In the wake of Franco revealing that he never got a call, Stranger Things fans have taken to social media to vow that they aren't going to the final season if Argyle doesn't star.

Eduardo Franco wasn't seen in a new Stranger Things pre-production photo.
Atsushi Nishijima/Netflix


"What do you mean Argyle isn't coming back for the final season of Stranger Things," penned another.

"That was literally the only reason I was gonna watch it, now what am I supposed to do. They didn't even f*ckin tell him, either. Man."

A third went on: "Stranger Things having no Argyle in the final season means I will NOT be watching. Sorry."

"Argyle being left out of Stranger Things 5 is just another reason not to watch it," a different person added.

Dozens of others have also expressed their disappointment that Argyle won't be featuring, insisting that he was 'one of the best parts of the last season'.

Stranger Things fans have vowed not to watch the final season.

People have actually taken their sadness direct to Franco's Instagram page, with his latest post being inundated with comments about Stranger Things.

"So sad to hear you're not in Stranger Things season 5," wrote one fan.

Another shared their condolences, writing: "I'm so sad you won't be returning to ST, you were one of my favorite characters. You deserved so much better Eduardo."

While Franco won't be returning to Stranger Things, he does star in Hulu's new movie titled Self Reliance, which lands on the streaming platform today.

He joins an all-star cast for the film, including New Girl's Jake Johnson, Andy Sanberg and Anna Kendrick.

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