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Biggest movie on Netflix has an awful Rotten Tomatoes score but fans are divided
Featured Image Credit: Netflix

Biggest movie on Netflix has an awful Rotten Tomatoes score but fans are divided

The film even has a star-studded cast

Netflix’s current biggest film is also proving to be its most divisive.

While Reptile might look like a typical murder mystery, the film has split fans and critics.

It’s resulted in the star-studded movie receiving a less-than-positive critic score on Rotten Tomatoes, despite viewers praising it.

See if you agree when you take a look at the trailer below:

If you’ve not heard of Reptile, you will soon as the movie has slithered to the top of the global charts on the streaming site.

Not only that but the recent release has a stacked cast list, with Justin Timberlake, Benicio Del Toro and Alicia Silverstone all appearing in the taut crime thriller.

Centred around the murder of a young real estate agent, Reptile follows gritty detective Tom Nichols (Del Toro) as he tries to uncover the killer.

As paranoia begins to set in though, it becomes increasingly apparent that everything is not as it seems in this small town.

Reptile has an all star cast.

Sadly, critics have argued that the movie doesn’t have enough bite as it has been awarded a lacklustre 42 percent on Rotten Tomatoes despite its impressive cast.

Decider's Marshall Shaffer wrote: "Like the snake of its title, it slithers ominously enough to send some shivers up the spine. But it’s also a bit too slow and deliberate for its own good, even if its venomous bite can draw some blood."

Empire's Kambole Campbell penned: "Del Toro’s solid screen charisma can’t rescue Reptile, a derivative and lethargic thriller that rarely thrills as it tries and fails to build a case for itself as a meaningful iteration on the detective thrillers that it admires."

While Movie Nation's Roger Moore said: "It's perfectly watchable, but let it play on during the bathroom breaks and search for snacks. It's so slow you probably won't miss anything vital, not until the third act."

Meanwhile, fans have been saying Netflix’s newest film is actually worth a watch and has scored a 75 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Fans and critics have been left divided over the crime drama.

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, many shared their excitement about the new thriller.

After seeing the trailer, one fan gushed: "Even Netflix is a suspect… can’t wait," with another adding: “This looks good; Promising!”

Unsurprisingly, other viewers were excited about the insane amount of A-Listers in Reptile, with one user writing: “Whoa, some inspired casting. Can't wait to see it.”

Some were even hyped up about the plot, with a fourth adding: “Finally a movie with an original scrip and top notch acting. It’s time to give Justin Timberlake a chance to shine as an actor, he has shown to be a good one.”

With the glut of true crime and thrillers hitting our screens in recent years, others were less than impressed by another murder mystery.

“Love the cast, but I’m not watching another show about a murdered woman. Pass,” said one disappointed streamer.

But will Reptile break the mould of crime dramas? You’ll have to find out for yourself as it is available to watch on Netflix now.

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