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People are saying Netflix's new comedy movie is funniest film they've seen in ages
Featured Image Credit: Netflix

People are saying Netflix's new comedy movie is funniest film they've seen in ages

Viewers have flocked to social media pages to share their thoughts

Unfortunately, the world is a pretty depressing place right now, so any opportunity to humor ourselves should be taken.

While there are many classic comedies to enjoy for the likely 100th time - we're talking about you The Office - it is always good to try something new once in a while.

And if you're looking for something new to watch on Netflix right now and in need of a little bit of laughter too, you may want to try Old Dads.

Directed by Bill Burr - known for his unique style of comedy - Old Dads has quite the casting lineup behind it.

Burr features in the movie as Jack - one of three best friends - while the likes of Bobby Cannavale, Bokeem Woodbine, Katie Aselton and Reign Edwards are all onboard too.

An official synopsis for Old Dads reads: "When a middle-aged father and his two best friends sell their company to a millennial, they soon find themselves out of step and behind the times as they struggle to navigate a changing world of culture, career and fatherhood."

Old Dads is streaming on Netflix right now.

As with any new Netflix show or movie, many subscribers have flocked to social media pages and forums to provide their thoughts.

The one and only 'Netflix Bangers' on Facebook is certainly a good indication to see how the Netflix community is swinging with a certain project.

While the new comedy has divided opinion, there is no arguing that a lot of people are finding Old Dads pretty funny, which is the job of a comedy after all!

"OLD DADS funniest comedy I've seen in ages!" one viewer penned on the Facebook page.

A second added: "I like Bill Burr anyways... he says what he thinks. He wrote, directed, and produced it a lot of his comic buddies were in it as well."

While a third remarked: "I love Bill Burr as a stand up comedian and basically his comedic routine comes out in this movie, I can relate since I'm in his age group and feel exactly the way he does with the woke culture."

Viewers have found Old Dads pretty funny.

While many viewers found it hilarious, some critics have been not been the biggest fans of Old Dads.

In fact, the movie sits at a low 18 percent critic score on Rotten Tomatoes, in comparison to a 90 percent audience score.

CNN's Brian Lowry said: "As hot as he is on stage, Bill Burr picked a lousy time to try migrating his angry-guy act to movies, as he does in the fitfully funny Old Dads."

While Screen Rant's Brittany Witherspoon said: "Bill Burr's film isn’t the worst directorial debut by any means of the phrase, but the film's raunchy comedy fails to say something meaningful."

Old Dads is streaming on Netflix right now.

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