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Netflix viewers can’t get enough of ‘twisted’ drama with the most suspense that they’ve seen in a series

Netflix viewers can’t get enough of ‘twisted’ drama with the most suspense that they’ve seen in a series

The Netflix drama - which is inspired by true events - was praised by viewers for its dark twists and turns

Fans of Netflix have been sharing a series that left them floored with its thrilling twists and turns.

There are plenty of brilliant shows on Netflix for audiences to enjoy, but this one in particular has caught people's eyes.

This one follows the culmination of experiences of a psychiatrist's patients, and one individual in particular, a tailor, as he brings his father to live with him in Istanbul.

Meanwhile, a woman arrives in the pair's lives fleeing an abusive relationship and bringing her own secrets into play.

Viewers are raving over the Turkish drama. (Netflix)
Viewers are raving over the Turkish drama. (Netflix)

Things become more complicated when a customer comes into the tailor's shop to commission him to sew her a wedding dress.

On top of all that, the tailor starts to develop feelings for his client.

That's a little bit awkward when you've literally been hired to make someone's wedding dress, for their wedding, to their fiancé.

So what's the name of this thrilling show that has audiences hooked?

It's called The Tailor, and is a Turkish drama starring Çağatay Ulusoy, Şifanur Gül, Salih Bademci, and Olgun Şimşek that is 'inspired by a true story'.

While it doesn't have a critics score on reviews aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, it does have an audience score.

This comes in pretty high, sitting at an impressive 81 percent.

Netflix audiences have responded positively to the show, but they very nearly might not have been able to see it at all.

This is because The Tailor had originally been touted for distribution by TV8.

But just a few days after the series' trailer was released The Tailor was no longer visible on TV8's website, with news reports later confirming that the channel could no longer afford it.

The show has three seaons. (Netflix)
The show has three seaons. (Netflix)

Following this, Netflix swooped in and bought it instead.

It seems to have gone down well with Netflix audiences, as they took to Facebook to share their thoughts.

One wrote: "I'm currently beginning Season 3 just trying to see if my hunches were right! This has the most twists and suspense that I've seen in a series probably ever..."

Another was very impressed by it, writing: "Omg I LOVED IT!!!!!! 10/10 highly recommended, also check out Intersection next! It’s another Turkish series, you do have to read the caption tho but it’s worth it!"

Someone else wrote: "I liked it a lot. And it was left open for another season."

All three seasons of The Tailor are available to stream on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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