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Netflix viewers 'sickened' by new extremely x-rated series with very graphic scenes
Featured Image Credit: Netflix

Netflix viewers 'sickened' by new extremely x-rated series with very graphic scenes

A new Netflix miniseries has got subscribers talking.

A new Netflix series about 'the godfather of rough sex' has had furious viewers threatening to cancel their subscriptions.

Risqué topics are nothing new for the streamer, with Netflix debuting Money Shot: The Pornhub Story last year and its infamous 365 Days trilogy, but its latest miniseries has had fans accusing it of 'making porn mainstream'.

Supersex - which boasts an 86 percent critics' score on Rotten Tomatoes - 'loosely' tells the story of one of the most iconic porn stars to ever perform in front of a camera in the form of Rocco Siffredi.

The porn star shot over 1,300 films during his pretty lengthy career, gaining a name for himself as the 'godfather of rough sex'.

So, you can kind of guess where this series is heading.

Alessandro Borghi, who plays Rocco, told Italian news outlet Today that he filmed a whopping 50 sex scenes in just 95 days.

Supersex contains some very graphic content.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the drama has been rated strictly for viewers 18 and over.

However, that hasn't stopped Netflix subscribers from sharing their disgust at the very graphic scenes in Supersex.

Many were left far from impressed after Netflix posted an excerpt of an X-rated scene to its US Instagram account, before it was mysteriously deleted.

According to the Daily Star, the scene showed Borghi shirtless in a scene with a lot of scantily clad women.

Supersex is certainly x-rated.

The group were moving up and down suggestively - though it isn't clear what was actually going on.

Screenshots obtained by the Mail Online show how furious subscribers are feeling.




"Now we have porn on Netflix as well? Cancelling account while we speak, my kids can't see this," one person commented.

"Isn't this inappropriate for a platform where KIDS FOLLOW YOU?!" a second added.

Netflix came under fire when it shared a clip from the show on Instagram.

A third said: "Are we just making porn mainstream now? It's pretty sickening that there is no warning on explicit content like this.

"Yet women who post a picture breastfeeding are flagged. This should be a separate category on Netflix if you want to put stuff like this out."

UNILAD has contacted Netflix for a comment.

Ahead of SuperSex's release on Netflix, Rocco spoke to LADbible about the release.

Netflix's Supersex has infuriated viewers.

When asked whether viewers will be shocked by what they see in the series, Rocco said: "For sure.

"I never, ever like to tell you one part of me, I always say everything.

"You either like it or you don't, this is who I am; I could never be who I am without showing everything about myself.

"The part shown on Netflix, which people don't know, is the way I grew up, the way my life came up since I was a child. How did I grow up? What were the situations involved in my life?

"So this is the main Rocco, really, which people don't know, most people know me just in front of the camera, naked."

Supersex is streaming on Netflix right now.

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