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'Perfect replacement' for Netflix's most streamed show has dropped on platform
Featured Image Credit: USA Network

'Perfect replacement' for Netflix's most streamed show has dropped on platform

The perfect replacement for Suits has just dropped on the platform

Just over a year ago when Suits blew up on Netflix, it left everyone who'd newly found the show with a serious problem.

Once you finish it, there are no more seasons.

Well, for anyone affected by this serious problem, then look no further because the ideal replacement show for the legal drama which became Netflix’s most streamed show of last year has finally dropped on the platform.

Gabriel Macht (left) & Patrick J. Adams (right) playing Harvey Specter and Mike Ross in Suits.
USA Network

The show is White Collar and is the perfect tonic for fans of Suits if you’ve just finished the story of Harvey Specter and Mike Ross.

White Collar follows Neal Caffrey, played by Matt Bomer, a white-collar criminal who helps the FBI find crooks of the same variety.

The show is also set in New York and features a very similar core dynamic that made Suits a beloved show.

You can watch the trailer for season three here:

And according to Screenrant, it's a ‘perfect replacement’ for Suits - even going on to claim that it might 'even be better' than Suits.

Fighting words, I know.

In their argument, it only has six seasons - making it much easier to binge-watch.

And unlike Suits, you won't have to say goodbye to any of the original cast either, and White Collar's Neal and Burke have the same 'fun dynamic' that Suits' Harvey Specter and Mike Ross have as well.

But the publication are not the only ones to make the comparison either.

Matt Bomer in White Collar.
USA Network.

One post on X quoted the article, saying: “White Collar about to have a Suits 2024 renaissance and I’m sooo here for it.”

Another added: “Y’all loved Suits? You aren’t even remotely ready for White Collar or Neal Caffrey.”

The news was announced by star Matt Bomer on Netflix’s Instagram, and the announcement was met by excited fans.

One commenter said: “Everyone better stream the heck out of this so it gets rebooted”, whilst another posted “Omg… I thought you‘d say ‘the first one to tell you that White Collar is coming back’ and I almost screamed.”

"Hands down, one of the best shows out there." another said.

And a third was a little confused, writing: "AHH I THOUGHT THIS WAS A REBOOT ANNOUNCEMENT AT FIRST."

Whilst a reboot may not yet be on the cards, it could very well be around the corner if White Collar receives a similar level of success to Suits on Netflix.

The renaissance of Suits has led to its own spin off show being announced.

Suits: LA will feature the return of Suits creator Aaron Korsh as a writer, with Amell set to star in the series as ‘Ted Black’, a ‘former federal prosecutor from New York, who has reinvented himself representing the most powerful clients in Los Angeles’.

One thing’s for sure, if White Collar gets the same level of attention as Suits got last year, White Collar: New Jersey will surely not be far away from being greenlit.

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