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Stars of Netflix’s Leave the World Behind explain confusing ending after fans left frustrated

Stars of Netflix’s Leave the World Behind explain confusing ending after fans left frustrated

The ending of the apocalyptic show has drawn a lot of attention online

While the ending of some TV shows sticks with us for the right reasons, others, like Netflix's Leave the World Behind, leave us with only more questions.

For every Breaking Bad or Bojack Horseman which sees off characters properly, there's a Game of Thrones that half sprints and half limps over the finish line - hastily tying up every loose end into a gordian knot of dissatisfaction.

While Netflix's Leave the World Behind may not have failed to stick the landing quite as spectacularly as Game of Thrones, its ambiguous ending certainly left many people feeling dissatisfied.

For the uninitiated, the ending sees the US suddenly being attacked by several mysterious forces, with the use of weapons of mass destruction being implied.

Flyers fall out of the sky in Arabic and Korean proclaiming 'death to America', leaving it ambiguous as to who exactly is dropping them.

Fans of the movie were left non-plussed, as some felt that the ending didn't offer enough resolution to the stories they had been following.

They took to social media to express their frustrations.

Julia Roberts in Leave the World Behind.

One wrote: "Leave The World Behind is a strange one. Enjoyed the acting, it's shot well, looks great. The build up is so good, it keeps adding layers and layers of mystery. Until it gets to the end, where it has built up to literal nothingness, no pay off at all really."

A second wrote: "Leave the World Behind just messed with my head, why would they end with the biggest cliffhanger' while a fourth added: "There’s two hours I will never get back. Horrible ending. Unlikeable characters. Netflix trash."

A third posted: "Just watched Leave The World Behind.. Did they run out of money for the end of the movie?! Weird."

The ending got people talking online.

But now actors Myha’la, 27, and Charlie Evans, 19, have spoken up about the film's ending, explaining that its ambiguity is the whole point.

In an interview with, Evans said: "I think the point of the multiple flyers and the ambiguity around a lot of things that happen in the movie are on purpose.

"I think we’re supposed to be constantly guessing. I don’t think we’re supposed to know. I don’t think we’re supposed to really have a complete grasp and I think that’s what makes it particularly scary."

He added: "I think your personal experience of how you view the end as an audience member, whether you feel doomed or you feel hopeful is exactly how it was meant to be."

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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