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Netflix in talks to release a new Grand Theft Auto game from Rockstar

Netflix in talks to release a new Grand Theft Auto game from Rockstar

A report from the Wall Street Journal details Netflix's plan to have a new Grand Theft Auto game on its platform.

Netflix is in talks to release a new Grand Theft Auto game from Rockstar and we're not talking about GTA VI.

There is no questioning that Rockstar Games and the GTA series are two of the biggest in the gaming industry, so there is no surprise gamers get hyped up by the smallest bit of news surrounding the famed franchise.

Now, it looks like streaming giant that is Netflix wants to team up with Rockstar to get some kind of GTA game on its Netflix Game Service.

While Netflix is obviously known for stellar series and shows, they also have a service offering a variety of different games to its subscribers.

Compared to the likes we see on Xbox and PlayStation, these titles are certainly lacklustre - though a GTA game would certainly improve the collection.

A report from the Wall Street Journal details Netflix's ongoing efforts to improve its games lineup with original IP's after acquiring a number of development studios in recent times.

Netflix is in talks to release a GTA game.

The report claims that Netflix has 'discussed plans' to release a new Grand Theft Auto on its service through a potential licensing agreement with GTA's publisher Take-Two Interactive.

Aside from that, not many other developments are known surrounding this development.

Questions remains as to what type of game this would be, the development team behind it, or even if it could be an already recently Rockstar title such as GTA V being released on Netflix.

If this rumor does come to fruition, then it's highly likely the Grand Theft Auto game would be for mobile, as the only way to play the Netflix portfolio right now is on a mobile device.

However, the Wall Street Journal claims Netflix hopes to eventually expand its games so they can be streamed from a TV or PC.

The other game that fans are of course waiting for from Rockstar Games is Grand Theft Auto VI.

The last GTA, GTA 5, released in 2013.
Rockstar Games

To be honest, it could still be a few years until we have GTA VI in our hands, as the game is yet to have an official trailer released - despite the fact that gameplay footage was leaked last year.

However, small bits of information are slowly coming out about the hugely anticipated game, though it is quite hard to believe what is right from wrong.

Many rumors have suggested that GTA VI will take us back to the iconic Miami-inspired location of Vice City, while it will reportedly feature two playable protagonists named Jason and Lucia, inspired by historic crime duo, Bonnie and Clyde.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar / Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

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