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Viewers forced to 'stop watching' after shocking new Netflix documentary left them horrified

Viewers forced to 'stop watching' after shocking new Netflix documentary left them horrified

The Netflix documentary about some of the most famous cheerleaders in the world had some shocking revelations

Netflix viewers have admitted to turning off a new documentary after being left shocked at what it revealed.

The clue is in the name: cheerleading. It should be a sport full of enthusiasm, energy, cheer - but Netflix's new series shows that's not always the case.

Released on the streaming service on 20 June, the series follows the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders to document the personal stories and work done by the team as they make their way through the 2023–24 season.

The squad formed in 1961 and has gone on to become a globally recognized group, with their blue uniforms covered in stars and their shiny pom-poms familiar to millions.

It's the job of the team to make the sport look fun and easy, but the show, titled America’s Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, reveals the tough reality behind the incredible displays.

Many cheerleaders perform around full-time job. (Netflix)
Many cheerleaders perform around full-time job. (Netflix)

Creator Greg Whiteley explained: “The kind of access and creative freedom we need to make the kind of work we want to make is not easy to come by — especially when dealing with a brand as large as the Dallas Cowboys.

“To their infinite credit, the Cowboys offered unfettered access for the year we filmed the DCC and left us alone. The result is an authentic portrait of one of the most storied and beloved institutions we have in American pop culture.”

In offering an unfiltered look at the lives behind the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, the creators revealed some shocking truths - including the little amount cheerleaders get paid for their work.

Some of the team members have to work full time jobs while maintaining their spots on the team, while others are seen struggling to keep up with the demands.

Viewers have been left shocked by the series. (Netflix)
Viewers have been left shocked by the series. (Netflix)

The series has shot up Netflix's Top 10 list, but it seems the truth has proved too much to handle for some viewers who have admitted to turning it off.

"Was watching america’s sweethearts on netflix but i had to stop bc the way they treat Victoria gets me so mad!!," one viewer wrote.

In an opinion piece written for Mamamia, writer Emily Vernem added that she felt the need to turn the series off due to a 'lack of representation'.

However, other viewers have had the complete opposite response, saying they couldn't tear themselves away from the show in spite of its shocking nature.

"Watching "America's Sweethearts" about the Dallas Cowboys' cheerleaders on Netflix and my God, this needed a trigger warning. So upsetting, but I cannot stop watching," one viewer commented.

Another posted: "Wanted a Netflix show to have as background noise earlier so went for something uninteresting - I am now extremely invested in who makes the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleading team. What a fantastic series."

America’s Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders is available to stream on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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